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    Online booking systems

    That’s the first time I’ve heard that I was going to use schedul but that’s put me off!
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    Vertigo from massage?

    Get better soon x
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    Beauty couch recommendations

    I’ve got it too Rosie, it’s dead long so generally we need extra large (more expensive) covers x
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    Pedicure help!

    It's an hour for a "Luxury" pedi with the massage, booties or paraffin with standard nail polish at college. Gel etc I would be boooking extra time and allow extra whilst being new, i'm super slow at some stuff! Good luck x
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    Home treatment room

    Hi Alison, Good to hear he's on your side. May I ask did you ask for planning permission before you started? I'm about to start so thinking ahead.
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    Gel polish, buffers/grits query please

    Thanks yes I have uploaded already, I only want to use as a base so i'm hoping insurance will let me.
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    Gel polish, buffers/grits query please

    Thanks very much, I will do as you advise. Yes i'm unsure of the BIAB situation also I have emailed my insurer x
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    Consultation forms and client record cards

    Correct there is one in mine x
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    Gel polish, buffers/grits query please

    Hi all, I'm just ordering my bits as I have done my gel polish course. I was told to take off the natural shine of the nail using a buffing block (I assume a sanding block on ellisons), and to use 180grit foam file to take off the top coat when it comes to removing the gel. Now I have just...
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    Home treatment room

    Sounds like you just have an arse on your hands TBH. If they are staggered to the point of only one ever being parked it's no diff to there just being a visitor. Just wait and see what the council say.
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    Wax heaters-which one?

    That's a good idea!
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    Home treatment room

    Can you not stagger your appointments so they are not all there at the same time?
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    Recently qualified and losing confidence

    Maybe get a nail trainer hand too and keep practising at home, i'm due to finish my level 2 next week and we are all crap! There is no way after 3 pre ob goes on a class mate and one final on a client we are salon worthy particularly with nails so it's scary stuff, so it's practice at home time...
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    Qualified beauty therapist wasting qualification

    The thing that jumps out at me is that you are in a bad relationship. I would suggest a brow course, maybe college courses they are often only 3 hours and very friendly small groups and cheap about £40 a class or so, I’m also sure some of the ladies nearby would offer to help give you some in...
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    Wax heaters-which one?

    Hive digital, comes with one too.
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    Bad back

    Ive just got the lotus saddle chair its really good.
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    The Ordinary, or?

    The ordinary is a very affordable brand which I use myself, I would expect a high end brand if I were paying for a facial. Just my opinion but not something that cost £3 for example.
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    Gel recommendations?

    Yes, I can also spell.
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    Gel recommendations?

    I’m a nail lurker and not trained in nails and even I can see that was absolute nonsense from tuan, do us all a favour and stop digging you sound ridiculous.
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    Disposable paper towel, do I need it?

    Thank you all.