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  1. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Hot oil treatment

    Check your client doesn't have a nut allergy just in case!
  2. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Recommendations on Polygel/Acrygel?

    Mosly that they took a bit of nursing about to get them where I wanted them. They would be rock hard but then even with the most minimal amount of slip solution they would get sticky. I figured I could do L&P application more easily and in about the same time so I didn’t see the point of it...
  3. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Neon or acid green stamping polish?

    Thanks NailsNorth, I think I have the gel base sorted, I just need an acid green nail polish that will do the biz over the top.[emoji4]
  4. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Durability accross systems?

    ikon.iQ Nails Polytek. Totally can’t fault it. Gardening, DIY, housework, renovating a classic boat... I never wear gloves (naughty I know!) and I have moderate extensions. Nothings broken, chipped, cracked or snapped so far!
  5. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Neon or acid green stamping polish?

    Thanks ladies! I ordered a Moyou lime green and now I'm thinking to have a powder on standby too just in case. It needs to pop against a really bright red!
  6. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Home treatment room

    I just had a visit from the council planning department following the exact same 'complaint' (concocted by my stalker using a fictitious name and a neighbour's address I later discovered). The guy from the council was really helpful. You are not contravening any regulations of you don't have...
  7. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Designing a website?

    I made a website using Wix and linked my Schedul online booking to it. I think the thing I like best about the self build model is that you can easily and regularly update it. I'm definitely not a web geek and it did take a while to figure out how to use it but I'm really happy with the final...
  8. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Neon or acid green stamping polish?

    I'm going to need something really highly pigmented to stand out over red. I could help it out with a Twinkled T white base but it will still need to be strong. What brand would you recommend?
  9. Alison Pilkington-Child

    New nail tech help

    It always takes me longer to sculpt ultra short nails, they can be much more problematic. It sounds like you pitched right in at the deep end so I wouldn't concern yourself about how long it took.[emoji5]
  10. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Recommendations on Polygel/Acrygel?

    I have a drawer full of 'tried and died' polygel/acrygel samples. None moved me enough to consider using them. I pretty much forgot about the system entirely until I went to an Ikon.iQ Nails event as part of my search for the perfect gel polish. The quality of the gels blew me away so I started...
  11. Alison Pilkington-Child

    E-file suppliers UK?

    Hazel Dixon efile training is excellent!
  12. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Nail art

    Buff the shine off the surface you want to write on, that will make life much easier. Then, if you don't get a smooth finish on the top coat, gently buff that flat too and then pop another top coat over it.
  13. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Hand painted nail art

    Are you asking about tools or which medium? I use gels and art acrylics mostly and occasionally the Sharpie pens come out to play. The best gel I've found is Ikon.iQ and the best acrylic is Polycolour. I really wanted to use my dad's art acrylics, he was an artist and when he passed away I was...
  14. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Consultation forms and client record cards

    I found it easier to make my own on A4 paper. If you have a word processor facility ( laptop or tablet etc) and a printer then you can design them to suit your business and products specifically and then tweak them as needed as time goes on. I can send you a copy of mine as a starter to work on...
  15. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Toxic free gel polish

    Hi Robin, It’s just the way Ikon.iQ gels go on. When I first tried it I put a base coat on a pop stick, nice texture, well behaved, so far so good... then I applied the colour coat, WOW! I tell you, I didn’t even bother to wait for it to come out of the lamp or try out the top coat. My decision...
  16. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Consultation forms and client record cards

    The consultation is a fact finding exercise you use before you work with a new client, it's extremely useful to you and stands as a constant reference that may or may not need updating over time. The record is like a diary to note down what you observed, what you did and what products you used...
  17. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Toxic free gel polish

    My recommendation is Ikon.iQ Nails Prima. Not just because it's peachy to work with but because I've so far been able to offer it to three new clients who had given up on gels due to allergies. I do a test nail and wait 48 hours if no reaction then I get to make someone's day by applying the...
  18. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Dip vs acrylic?

    Dip powders are fine milled acrylics. So it might be the monomer... I wonder where she's had her nails done previously... She might be ok with a HEMA free monomer.
  19. Alison Pilkington-Child

    CND Shellac or Gelish for better coverage?

    I recently took up the Ikon.iQ Nails Prima brand. A big decider (among many) was that just one coat of colour pretty much does it. Faster service time, less faff and one bottle will go twice as far... what's not to like! Having used it, and worn it myself, for a while now I have found it to be...
  20. Alison Pilkington-Child

    Durability accross systems?

    I've just switched from acrylic to an acrygel on my own nails and I think I'm on my third infill now. Not had any issues with it and I'm pretty hard on my nails.