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    La weave

    İ will definitely not be cheaper then others. Either same or just above. Yea its an oil based remover i used. İts not getting them out that is an issue. İts getting them out, washing them and getting the clients hair washed and dried, then retaping etc. Just takes forever, Easyest refit are...
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    La weave

    Oh good, well i personally dont like doing a full head of microrings for example, i find it hard to sell ppl things i dont like hahaha. İll be offering bondings, and la weave. İ hate hate hate tapes . As they are a ball ache to to remove, clean , and refit.. Euphoria one is my favourite brand...
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    Celeb Weave vs La Weave?

    Hey, im thinking about Training with Oakley too, im trained in all techniques apart from weaves. It doesn't say La weave on thier page, wich one is it x
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    La weave

    Hey girls, is the la weave still a thing ? Im a hairdresser since 15 years, and qualified in microrings bonds and tapes, now im thinking off getting training in la weave, and only offering that method. Any opinions on how popular they are, good suppliers, and how much money you can make on them...
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    Suitable pillow for lash clients

    Hey my lovelies, maybe this was asked before, but any advice which pillow is perfect for my lash clients? Xxx
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    Own logo/brand/eyelash shampoo

    Oh god no, thats more complicated then i thought xx
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    Own logo/brand/eyelash shampoo

    Any ideas of how i can get my own eyelash extension shampoo made and labeled?
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    Anyone in Leeds area offering microdermabrasion?

    Any girls in the leeds area that do microdermabrasion and that dermaplane or what its called? Don't know if I'm allowed to ask that here but I need a pick me up. My skin looks bad at the moment. X bella x
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    Lash extension tweezers

    I need the same advice, im using the nouveau ones too and i don't like them at all
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    Completed my 2 day course

    I probably do another course thou. I have enjoyed it and i think i have talent in it too, without sounding big headed. But before i start on clients i will do another course with another company. As i really dont want to start and then not be good at it Ill be trying some more tweezers from...
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    First set lash extensions

    Thank you xxx
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    Completed my 2 day course

    Ps: recommendation for really fine isolation tweezers and volume tweezers, the ones in my set from nouveau lashes are dreadfull, the point ones are to thick at the tip, not easy to isolate, and the curved ones dont grip very well.
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    Completed my 2 day course

    So ive done my 2 day course Day one classic lashes Day two russian volume Was really hard and intense, did 4 models in two days. And theory. Sitting for long is really uncomfortable worst part if it. Found the russian lashes pretty easy once i got the hang of making fans, been showed 3...
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    Mobile eyelashes & brows, do I really need a couch?

    I mean i WAS lol ..bloody predictive text :/
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    Mobile eyelashes & brows, do I really need a couch?

    I used to get my lashes done by my friend on my sofa. OMG I felt like I’d been beaten afterwards and my neck, but had amazing lashes. But i’d recommend a beauty couch too. X
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    Moving to Spain, lashes or hairdressing?

    Good morning my lovely geeks, Im moving to spain next year, and im a fully qualified hairdresser &barber. So now that im doing my lash training tomorrow i will slowly start to do lashes from home and two days less in the salon untill i can do lashes fully from home. Anyway shorten the...
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    Eyelash extensions - gel pads or tape, what works best?

    Ok ill give that ago thanks
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    Lash extension models needed

    Hey what do you think to thier products? Id like to use them.
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    Recommended eyelash extensions

    Hey do u still use london lash ? Im thinking of trying them x