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    Quiet times

    We rearrange things and take photos to post on social media/website. We get quite competitive about it. We also work on window displays. We made tissue flowers once. We had people coming in asking to buy them! Paint your nails with a colour that you want to sell more of. Training. Check...
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    Trainee issues

    My Saturday girl turned up yesterday to do a couple of hours after school. She'd forgotten her uniform. She looked far too scruffy to be employable and it was clear that she knew it. She looked very sorry for herself. I used her as a demo model for some training and then got busy with...
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    Apprenticeship help

    I'd definitely pull the plug on her job. It's particularly difficult to fire an apprentice once they start work so you need to be sure she's the right fit for you. it sounds as though the mutual trust that should exist between you has already been undermined. You're going to be stressing and...
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    Professional advice needed please

    Waxing is a separate qualification. However, it's unusual not to teach brow shaping with wax as well as tweezers. It would be worth checking - it's the sort of thing that might not be mentioned because it's so "obvious".
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    Best hot wax to use for intimate waxing

    Try and get yourself on a training course with a specialist wax supplier, this will teach you the techniques that help you get the best out of the wax. We're all different so what suits one might not suit another, but training works wonders. Demos at trade shows are always worth attending, as...
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    Vertigo from massage?

    Gosh this sounds awful. I am sorry. It sounds like you had a deep tissue or sports type massage. These symptoms are possible but rare after a massage - iincluding self massage. They more commonly occur out of the blue without any connection to massage and the symptoms may be connected to...
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    Pop up massage shop?

    I was at the NEC Beauty Uk show yesterday. There were several ion site massage stands offering fully clothed massages in kneeling chairs. What was interesting was the range of techniques. Some massages didn't look very appealing, whilst others were super inspirational. I watched a brilliant...
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    Wax training

    I employ someone who trained on a short course. She had a few clients at home. When we did her induction her waxing standard was very poor. She was confident but didn't have good technique. She was quite drippy and messy as well. She learned fast and I sent her off for speed waxing training...
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    White patch after forearm wax

    It sounds like she had a minor friction burn. Arm skin needs careful support when you wax. I expect she applied lots of soothing products and creams to the area which is why it hasn't absorbed as much fake tan. The fake tan was applied too soon after the friction burn, before the skin had...
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    Trainee issues

    It's human nature to take diabolical liberties with rules. No-one likes them, so I always support staff to reach the standard expected. This is a maturity issue. You'll render a staff member unemployable if you don't make the rules clear. I ask staff to arrive 10 mins before their shift...
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    Towels - invest in washing machine or use a laundry service?

    When I looked into the options I was concerned that I might have staff using too many towels if they all went to a commercial laundry, so I decided to wash in house. I wash the towels which means that I take great interest in towel usage. I have a good quality domestic washing machine which I...
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    Where to go from here?

    I don't think you should confuse additional treatments with increased traffic. What you want is the same number of visitors per day, spending more. Find out what is important to your clients. Would they love to have more treatments from you? What's holding them back? Is it shortage of their...
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    Uniforms & shoes - help!

    I think it's difficult to recommend a particular style of shoe as we all have different preferences and requirements. I absolutely agree that it's important to be comfortable. But looks are important too. In summer you might want to show painted toenails. Good for business if you do pedis...
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    Mobile hairdresser too busy!

    Are there any other efficiencies that you can introduce to cut down the time you spend travelling every day? Try analysing your data. First go through you records showing how much you take every day. Let's use Feb, Mar and Apr. What was the best day of each month? Is there a recurring...
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    Log cabin or room in house?

    Done well, a cabin is a big investment. You've got a fourth child on the way (congrats btw). Why don't you set up in your spare room initially. You'll need a nice couch and an equipment trolley which you might be able to pick up from eBay. You can choose your business name, get some cards...
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    Percentage rental

    Ooh lots to think about indeed. Has she explained why she wants you to go self employed? Is it to avoid registering for VAT? You could counter offer with a fixed rent per day and supply your own products. When i bought my salon booking system I didn't know whether this was a waste of money...
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    Commissions advice?

    It depends on the mark up. And whether you are VAT registered or likely to become VAT registered. And what your set up us - Spas sell a lot of retail. High Street Shops usually mark up 2-300% which is how they can run a half price sale. My salon retail is usually 30-40% profit. But...
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    Percentage rental

    Wow. As a split this is a good deal. 60/40 to you, is more usual. An employer usually reckons on paying between 25-33% of gross turnover to staff in wages. Taking home over 60% of the turnover after overheads is a really really good deal, but that doesn't mean that it is right for you. I...
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    Anyone been called up for jury service?

    You're very welcome. XX
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    Apprenticeship advice

    My own feeling is that this is gross misconduct. Setting up on a self employment basis and advertising services which undermine your business also undermines the relationship between you as employer and employee. Your salon insurance might cover legal advice, so give them a ring and ask for...