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  1. sarah7898

    Would you charge for a cut and colour?

    Looks good to me, only thing I would say is raise the men's prices and kids too. Something else I say is kids price depending on thickness and that I only do kids with paying parents cuts, otherwise you could end up spending two hours cutting three kids hair with the same thickness as yours...
  2. sarah7898

    Would you charge for a cut and colour?

    A trim is a cut. There is no difference make sure everyone knows that! Yes I have lots of different colour prices. I have a few different balayage prices, highlight prices and tint prices. I only take off £10 if they say don't worry about a cut just dry it, because I am still waiting there...
  3. sarah7898

    Hair loss

    Please keep us updated if you find out! I've never heard of anything like this and am interested. Hope you find out soon, must be driving you mad! Def get a second opinion from another trichologist x
  4. sarah7898

    Would you charge for a cut and colour?

    Mobile, I charge £30 for a cut and blow-dry with or without colour. Don't start too low! Hard to raise prices x
  5. sarah7898

    OPI gel-soak off?

    I have done on my own nails and it's been fine. I use my OPI lamp with it though. I also wouldn't recommend to mix systems on clients for insurance reasons x
  6. sarah7898

    Manicure Company?

    God you're right! Oops!
  7. sarah7898

    Manicure Company?

    I read on a forum that the owner of each company are married and started their businesses at the same time! I'm probably completely wrong though
  8. sarah7898

    Manicure Company?

    I've a few of their colours, generally good colours, maybe not quite as silky to apply as the gel bottle, could just be the brush though.. I heard they are the same product!
  9. sarah7898

    Too many layers of top coat with nail art!

    Don't topcoat in between! Once cured it won't wipe off anyway so when doing next layer of art even if you need to rectify a mistake it shouldn't remove cured gel. I use a corner of a stiff lint free wipe dampened with iso to erase mistakes too. Once all artwork finished you can topcoat then x
  10. sarah7898

    New Wella Koleston

    I've had no issues so far
  11. sarah7898

    Which wand?

    I've got a cold nine wand, I love it. I've also got diva wands and I like those too x
  12. sarah7898

    Red hair help

    No attitude or trolling, not sure why you think that? No one here will give you advice on how to colour your hair if you are not a pro.
  13. sarah7898

    Mobile kit

    And yes the trolleys are way too heavy after a while! A softer bag with room to manoeuvre is the best in my opinion x
  14. sarah7898

    Mobile kit

    I use two now thanks to the gel bottle being so addictive! I use a roo glamour bag and also the bag they have that stores three bags of polish. It's lasted me for the past 7 years or so but I am due an upgrade!
  15. sarah7898

    Closest match to Gelish Exhale?

    What brand? The gel bottle has grand canyon which isn't far off x
  16. sarah7898

    Bag/case for my new gel nail kit

    Roo beauty is a good site x
  17. sarah7898

    Bald spot help

    Alopecia, need to see a trichologist
  18. sarah7898

    How long does an LED lamp work for?

    I've had an LED lamp which has lasted for 5 years plus. I also have to give it a clean to make sure the led lights aren't covered in gel but works brilliantly
  19. sarah7898

    Gelish pet hate

    I assume so. Sometimes you can carry on and once cured under lamp it's ok, but who likes applying lumpy gel?!
  20. sarah7898

    Gelish pet hate

    You can replace the brush but often the product is not the same after this happens, it's somehow cured and full of lumps