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  1. House Beauty

    Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!

    Can anyone here help me; I’m about to buy a house with an outbuilding (about 17ft shed) with lovely flooring done, electric and lights and big windows, but I have no clue about insulation. Do you think an electric heater or two would be enough or can you recommend a type of insulation? Whether...
  2. House Beauty

    Levels 2 and 3 skin courses

    I’ve done day many day courses and am also ITEC level 3 that I studied at a leading spa with. I learnt more about the actual service I was doing and practical advice on my facial one day course than I did practical training for 5 months of Swedish massage at the spa college. I spent £200-300...
  3. House Beauty

    Office space converted to a beauty room

    Well I enquired about it a long time ago. To my knowledge it’s not really allowed eg if you were the sole user. However when I worked in managed offices for other jobs, there was always a room for a local massage therapist or nails etc, they would have a smaller sized room than other businesses...
  4. House Beauty

    Manicure & facial, which to do first?

    I usually see how I’m doing for time, I’ve done manicures while face masks are on and then done polish after, which is super relaxing for the client; or you can prep first and polish while mask is on. Benefit to that is they are still and less likely to smudge if they just lie there than if they...
  5. House Beauty

    Is it worth staying? Dilemma!

    Agree with Duchess. Life is too short to be treated this way. My ladies and gents are the life and soul of my business so when I rented a room and the owner started moaning at one of my ladies, banged on the door when I was massaging and yelling, then had the cheek to tell me that her clients...
  6. House Beauty

    Lash lift

    I was trained with salon system and have never used film, have no problems. You can leave it on up to 15mins but remember if you put the perm on and miss an area, then applying fix won’t do anything to it, vice versa, they both have to be exactly the same coverage for exactly the same time. I...
  7. House Beauty

    ‘Mates rates’

    My foolproof system is don’t be a fool. If you aren’t one of my mothers or my sisters you don’t get a discount. They pay, I usually do my cost price plus a few quid just to make the time worth it to me. Like I’m not going to pay for all the stuff for you AND sit there and put it on you out of...
  8. House Beauty

    Vertigo from massage?

    Hi all, thank you for your replies and wishes. Will update soon. Much better, just done a lot today and answered some posts and now need to rest again. xx
  9. House Beauty

    Self assessment

    It really is super easy. There’s a zillion questions on the form but in basic it’s just address, incoming, outgoing, any other job earnings that you fill in. Most of mine are 3 empty pages and one with a small amount of notes on. Then it will tell you if you need to pay. And do not lose that code!
  10. House Beauty

    Mobile pricing help

    £Whatever it costs you per service to do + £how much you want to be paid per hour + £if you want to pay yourself for travel time + £online calculator to work out your petrol cost average. As for couch, tell them they need to have a place for the couch and move furniture before you get there if...
  11. House Beauty

    Glue sticking to bottom lash and clients eyes!

    It happens, but the client trusts you so stay calm. You don’t have to say open your eyes at the end, you can try ‘ok keep your eyes relaxed closed and I’m going to check for any tangles and remove any bits caught on the bottom.’ Then gently open the eye yourself very slowly and see if there is...
  12. House Beauty

    Vertigo from massage?

    Hi all, Have you ever heard of vertigo starting after a massage? I am new to massage and I have had a very sore back so had one myself recently. It wasn’t what I expected as mine are very slow and relaxing.. But the day after I had it I got so dizzy I walked into a door and I’ve been in bed...
  13. House Beauty

    Becoming a wedding MUA

    I didn’t do a separate course for wedding makeup and I did a lot of them. An evening makeup course covers everything you need to be insured for it and a good one would tell you everything you need to do differently for a wedding, but it’s mostly in how you conduct the business, consult and...
  14. House Beauty

    Towels - invest in washing machine or use a laundry service?

    I work from home so I’m probably using way less than you but I was getting really irked by my towels getting so dry. I was doing 3 loads a day once you added my own clothes on top. I ordered a few samples of eco friendly disposables and loved them. It worked out that each wash I was doing...
  15. House Beauty

    Bleeding nail bed

    Don’t worry, it happened to me once. A little piece of my thumb nail in the centre just came off!! I’d had extensions for so long that the nail was incredibly thin (from elec file at a hack bar), you could see the huge dip between what had grown and what was filed. It hurt like a b*tch but only...
  16. House Beauty

    Pop up massage shop?

    There was someone doing this at a 10k run I was at recently. He did a few of the spectators during the race but I suspect he was very busy by the end with hundreds of people with tired legs. Plus those he gave his business card to and got sore the next few days would have been after him too!
  17. House Beauty

    Pedicure range recommendations

    My clients love Kaeso pedicure, I use it with OPI callous treatment.
  18. House Beauty

    White patch after forearm wax

    So she was unhappy she was red and then put fake tan over it...? That is a very odd thing to do so I suspect she’s not even sore or anything! Tell her you cannot advise on a home tanning product especially when it’s been applied after a wax as you ‘aren’t meant to use any lotions I don’t...
  19. House Beauty

    Which should I use, gel or pomade?

    Have a look at the CG method group on reddit. I’d say gel applied when wet, sopping wet. Put it on upside down in the shower and use a T-shirt to wrap it and let it dry naturally either in bed or through the day. When it’s dry scrunch it with your hands. If it’s not fine hair that usually...
  20. House Beauty

    Help me choose one of business names

    Supreme Hollywood Locks made me look twice but maybe shorten it to Hollywood Locks or Supreme Locks. Now I’m just thinking about Locks