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  1. J

    Microblading courses?

    I am thinking of doing a course too. And Phi Academy looked the best for me (and from what I've heard from others). That one was about £2400 and you get the level 4 certificate with it. For a cheaper option I was also looking at the Gina Microblading Academy which is £1000 and she offers a one...
  2. J

    Marketing issue

    You could leave the salon name off the advertisement and either refer people to a landing page/website/your number to redeem the offer?
  3. J

    Aesthetics business advice

    I like the name :) I'd keep the strapline off and just make sure the services are clear on your site. If you need a good self logo creater I've used Looka before and it was good.
  4. J

    Leaflet recommendation?

    Canva is good for easy designing.
  5. J

    Nothing is working

    Hey Stef, firstly well done on all the things that you've tried and don't give up! Just had a check and if you go to namecheap you can still buy the .com for your name (around £7) then I would redesign your homepage to show a bit more about what you actually do. If you're a UK based business it...
  6. J

    Starting up?

    Hi Gabs, congrats on the course! I'm thinking of doing a microblading one too :) Good luck with it! When I did eyelashes I didn't rent a room but then I was living on my own. I found travelling to people a bit time consuming and annoying (especially while still in the models phase when you're...