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  1. Beautybumblebee

    Brands of hot wax

    Gigi brazilian hot wax is my fave. Its is expensive though!
  2. Beautybumblebee

    Uniforms & shoes - help!

    Unless you are Pheobe from friends
  3. Beautybumblebee

    Uniforms & shoes - help!

    Sketchers alllll the way. Comfort trumps everything and customers really dont care what shoes you have on!
  4. Beautybumblebee

    Natural organic skincare brand

    Im finally opening my salon in september after working my socks off for 4 years from home, It will have 3 treatment rooms and i am focusing a lot on holistic treatments, facials, body treatments etc My brand is very much natural, organic, cruelty free products I am currently using eve taylor but...
  5. Beautybumblebee

    Acrylic or hard gel

    hey everyone! I am wanting to invest in a course in nail extensions, I can’t decide which to go for either acrylic or hard gel. I prefer the odourless option of hard gel but I have heard it’s harder to master. I would prefer to use forms too rather then tips. Also would I NEED an e file for...
  6. Beautybumblebee

    The ultimate pedicure experience?

    Your pedicures sound lovely. How much do you charge for your service if you don't mind me asking? Also how long does it take you? My pedicures can take me upto and hour and half if they have particularly neglected feet and I charge £25, £30 with gel. which I think is too cheap now I am well...
  7. Beautybumblebee

    Can't stop spending

    I am EXACTLY the same, stamping plates are my weakness.
  8. Beautybumblebee

    Can't stop spending

    For example, I do mostly gel polish manis and pedis but I have a few ordinary polish pedi customers that come regularty, the one said to me I needed to get more colours as I have way more choice in gel then regular polish.. so I did, I spent £60 on new regular polishes. She visited me the other...
  9. Beautybumblebee

    Can't stop spending

    Does anyone else who has their own business spend spend spend? Every day I am purchasing something new for my business.. nail stamping plates, wax stock, new polishes etc. its becoming silly, its as if I never have enough and I'm trying to have as much variety as high street salons when I work...
  10. Beautybumblebee

    Luxury manicure question

    I use a hot towel cabin and just put some wet mitts in there beforehand, use this to take off the exfoliator :-)
  11. Beautybumblebee

    Cracked hard gel extension

    Hey fellow beauty geeks I was wondering what your methods were to fixing a cracked gel nail extension. I am new to hard gel extensions and this is my first set I have done and one nail cracked after 1 week. Just along the tip line, it's not a bad crack. I sculpted the nails and used indigo...
  12. Beautybumblebee

    Gel polish shrinkage question

    No, I don't think its cold I have a heater that I put on first thing to warm up the room. its happening with most customers over the past few days. It has left me really confused! could it be my foundation isn't curing properly? I keep the polishes in a cupboard and they have always been stored...
  13. Beautybumblebee

    Gel polish shrinkage question

    Hi everyone, I never really have had problems with gel shrinking before, I use Gelish. Recently I purchased the hand and nail harmony All That Jazz cuticle remover cream and it works really well but then when I come to the point to do my gels the colour is sliding away from the walls around the...
  14. Beautybumblebee

    Had a professional website built and still no business, help

    I did my website myself, it links to my Facebook page too. I strongly recommend leaflets, I got 90% of my bookings when I first started from going out and leafletting through houses by me, you can be selective on the roads etc too. Make sure your website contains key words...
  15. Beautybumblebee

    Gelish structure gel

    I really want to start offering gel extensions, just short ones to help my customers grow their natural nails underneath in the mean time. Can structure gel be used to extend the nail? Thanks :-)
  16. Beautybumblebee

    Keeping your own nails nice

    No it was the picture that made me laugh!
  17. Beautybumblebee

    Keeping your own nails nice

    Haha that did make me laugh!
  18. Beautybumblebee

    Keeping your own nails nice

    Marigolds ??
  19. Beautybumblebee

    Keeping your own nails nice

    I will try the latex gloves! But just make sure for allergies! Thanks for your response! :-D Also pump dispensers is a good idea too! Or a nozzle so I can just spray it onto the cotton not get it all over my hands Thanks!
  20. Beautybumblebee

    Keeping your own nails nice

    i was wondering how you all keep your own gels intact and nice when using acetone or removal products, I did myself a set of gels yesterday and I have removed three sets since and now my gels are starting to lift because of touching acetone If I wear vinyl gloves they dissolve when the acetone...