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  1. SJK

    Ruby Ritz and Ice Vapour back

    Christmas really has come early! Ruby Ritz and Ice Vapour are back, available to buy separately. I really hoped this would happen but wasn't sure it would. I know they are going to be my most used colours in December.
  2. SJK

    In great company

    We know this is a great site, but ever wonder why? Because we have so many knowledgeable geeks around who will answer our industry questions. The picture I've attached is from the magazine in today's Times, and details the new Josh Wood venture, where for nearly £2,000, anyone can have a day...
  3. SJK

    Cerulean sea blue Shellac/Vinylux

    Does anyone have the new blue from the Paradise Collection in both Shellac and Vinylux and could help me out? I have both and they are definitely not the same shade. Is this right? All my others match pretty well spot on.
  4. SJK

    Which additives with Shellac Serene Green?

    I've searched on here, twitter and facebook and can't find very many pictures showing experimentation with Shellac Serene Green. I love the colour alone but does anyone have any ideas (and preferably pictures) to suggest which additives might be great to use with it?
  5. SJK

    The new cookie rule for websites

    I've had an email from 123reg to tell me about the new cookie rule for websites. As I understand it, you have to get permission from users before your website stores cookies on their computer. If you don't, you face a fine. I'm panicking, and so my questions are: How do I find out if what...
  6. SJK


    Has anyone been to IMATS before? If so, would you recommend it? I've never been but I'm thinking of going this year and want to know what I'll see/what goes on etc.
  7. SJK

    Facebook, "Talking about this"

    I've got a facebook page but I'm not an expert... On the left-hand side of my facebook page, there is a record of who likes my page, and below that there is a record of "Talking about this". What is this and how do I find out who is talking about my page and what they are saying?
  8. SJK

    Searching on facebook

    I'm a facebook newbie, so please bear with me... I have set up a page which people can "like" rather than add as a "friend", I think. The only problem is, when I go to my facebook page, I can't then search for other pages or people. There is no search tool that I can find. What am I doing...
  9. SJK

    What is the tin foil manicure?

    Does anyone have any idea what a "tin foil manicure" could possibly be? I read about it somewhere but it had no further details and I've searched but can't come up with anything. It seemed to be a sort of effect, and used regular kitchen foil but I don't know anything more than that. I'm...
  10. SJK

    What do I look for in a camcorder

    I'm thinking of buying a camcorder. Can anybody recommend a brand or advise on what I should be looking for?
  11. SJK

    Taking pictures of eyes

    Has anybody got any tips for taking pictures in close-up of eyes to show work done? The pictures themselves are okay because I've learned about the macro setting but I would like any ideas about lighting to prevent shadows and most importantly about setting the subject. I've seen lots of...
  12. SJK

    What are burlesque nails?

    The theme for the Nail Championships at Professional Beauty North in October is "Burlesque". I'm not entering the competition but I am thinking about what "Burlesque" could mean. How could this theme be translated using nail art? I don't use L+P or gel, but do love nail art and like to see...
  13. SJK

    Using Kompozer (nvu) to build a website

    Has anyone used Kompozer to build a website? Any feedback would be welcome.
  14. SJK

    What do you do with part-used polishes that you'll never use again?

    I have quite a few bottles of polish that are part used. Some are half-full and some have only been used once or twice. I know that I'll never use them again. Some of them are colours that weren't popular, some were colours that are out of fashion and I don't anticipate them becoming...
  15. SJK

    Buying a domain name and web hosting

    I'm in the process of setting up a website and I'm trying to do things as well as I can but I really haven't got a clue. I've looked at 123.reg. My domain name is available and I could buy web hosting at the same time. Will that be a problem later if I want to change web hosts and point my...
  16. SJK

    Colonic hydrotherapy experiences

    I've always, always, always wanted to have a colonic irrigation (don't ask) and a clinic near me has starting offering it. Has anyone had colonic hydrotherapy? What are the good/bad points of it? What should I watch out for?
  17. SJK

    Where can I get this or a similar colour from?

    I've been looking for ages for an orangy jelly colour with some sparkle. I've finally found it - check out a picture on the all lacquered up blog here: ALU's 365 of Untrieds - Perfect Color Calypso | All Lacquered Up But I can't find it anywhere! Does anyone know where I can buy Perfect...
  18. SJK

    Drainage in a walk-in shower

    I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm in a lather... I've got one of those walk-in shower cubicles. It's absolutely fantastic but the drainage is slow. I've been using one of those drain unblocker solutions you put down and leave for a few hours. After I've used this, for a few days...
  19. SJK

    Recommendations for a sheer coral polish

    I want a particular colour polish and haven't been able to find it in any range. Can you help? I want a coral colour, a sort of peach orangey shade, but I want it to have some sparkle though not too much and it MUST be a sheer. Any ideas?
  20. SJK

    Is crackle THE thing for summer?

    First OPI brought out black crackle glaze, then china glaze brought out several different colours of crackle, and now Barry M have blue, pink and white crackle as well as black. Is crackle going to be THE thing for summer or not? I personally don't like the effect, but is it selling for you?