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    Highlights and regrowth

    Hi I had a new hairdresser yesterday as my previous one has now left. The new girl has cut it very well and I am very pleased with the colour of the highlights. The problem is the roots still look dark as I dont think she has gone close enough to my scalp. It looks like I need to have my...
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    Looking for a Hair Stylist - Ipswich/Bury St Edmunds

    Hi Are there any hair geeks on here near to the Ipswich/Bury St Edmunds area as Im looking for a new stylist (just for myself) and if they have done some training with Patrick Cameron it would be a fantastic bonus:):):)
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    Enhancements but oh which system???

    Hi everyone I finished my VTCT Level 2 Nail Treatments earlier in the year. Completed an OPI Finishing School (natural nails) in August. Next step enhanced nails? but which system to train in its all so confusing. :confused: I want a really good tutor/school as fed up with second rate...