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  1. hairbybridie

    Teaching hair extensions

    Hey, I've been looking into teaching for a while and wondered if anyone has any experience with teaching hair extensions? If so what college/company did you complete your teaching training with? I've seen a few online but wanted some honest reviews. Do I need to complete my PTTLL? x thanks x x
  2. hairbybridie

    22 inch & longer tape extensions?

    Hey Lovelies I’m so desperate to find tapes in lengths longer than 20-21 inch, I use euphoria at the moment & although they always send me the longest hair available my clients still want longer. Does anyone know anywhere that sells 22, 24 or 26inch Tape extensions that aren’t beauty works or...
  3. hairbybridie

    Clients not paying?

    Hi Guys, How do you deal with clients who dont pay?? So I've had two clients in the past month not pay. I'm based in a salon and have been back to back pretty much every day and my clients always manage to be early meaning I have a client early and waiting whilst I finish my current one...
  4. hairbybridie

    Ombre tapes

    Hi Guys usually use euphoria one but they don't stock the ombre 2T/33 in the tapes does anyone know where else stocks this shade? tried looking at all of my other suppliers none do them :'( thank you xx P.S NOT Beautyworks please xx
  5. hairbybridie

    Sacking a client?

    I desperately need to get rid of a client, she's been non stop trouble since day 1 & wants to book maintenance in. Whats the politest way to do this?! xx
  6. hairbybridie

    Remi Cachet

    Does anyone know how much trade discount remi cachet offer starting off? looking at opening an account with them, is the hair really that amazing?! thanks :D
  7. hairbybridie

    Extension pricing

    Out of curiosity, how much does everyone charge (profit) to fit extensions? Preferably those in South East & London Looking at everyone elses prices in my area I think I'm seriously undercharging o_O How would you go about upping prices without upsetting your current clients? Thanks!!
  8. hairbybridie

    Weave thread colour

    I Have a client tonight with very dark roots, a good few inches worth & blonde at the bottom. I'm fitting her weave tonight and wondered what colour thread to use? The weft itself is blonde, so do I go with blonde or brown to match her roots? Usually when I do blonde weaves its blonde thread...
  9. hairbybridie

    Complaining customer

    Hi Guys, So I fitted a set of nanos about 10 days ago, on a customer who had never had extensions before and to be honest has been a bit of a nightmare since day 1. She wanted them super thick and 20 inch, so I got 200g of 20 inch double drawn indian remy hair, all she paid for was the hair as...
  10. hairbybridie

    Euphoria One wefts

    Haven't used euphorias wefts yet and wondered if anyone finds them a bit bulky? I know with the wefts Im using at the moment (virgin hair) are really quite bulky and its so annoying. most of my clients want 200g so I would need to get a 150g weft and 50g weft but I'm thinking it will be too...
  11. hairbybridie

    22 inch weft?

    Does anyone know anywhere I could get a 22inch weft preferably 150g,180g or 200g? Mid range quality 6-9 month life span would be grand x thanks dolls x
  12. hairbybridie

    Hair extensions on someone who had a stroke?

    Hi All, I have a lovely client who had a stroke some years back and is now missing half of her skull, bless her. She is desperate to get extensions but I'm worried I won't be able to help. I'm not charging for the fitting it would just be for the hair. If her hair is quite thin and because of...
  13. hairbybridie

    Prestige, Transform or Fabulong?

    I have spent the best part of the past few weeks researching and trying to decide which cheaper option to offer to my clients. I'm already going to use Euphoria's indian when they have more stock in but need a backup option also.. Have narrowed it down to prestige, transform and fabulong... All...
  14. hairbybridie

    Draw mat help!

    Hi ! Looking for some recommendations for the best/cheapest draw mat? I have read that some people use a comb and attach it to their trolley but I'm worried it would look cheap, has anyone tried this? thanks loves x
  15. hairbybridie

    Ombre/Balayage hair extension suppliers, help!

    Hi Guys! I'm in desperate need of finding a decent supplier for ombre/balayage extensions (wefts and nanos) Does anyone know any? I've looked on prestige and euphoria one but cant see any that match.. Looking for mid quality to high quality hair. ** have looked at tasha jacks and client isn't...