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  1. Emily S

    Pocket lifting, only noticeable when using e-file

    I have just recently started to use an e-file which I have to say is an absolute God send! No more repetitive strain...wheeey :) However, when infilling I've had the ease of filing much thinner than I was at my earlier infills. As I'm getting thinner I can notice light shadows of pocket lifting...
  2. Emily S

    Need a comfy chair - working from home

    I work from home and need a FOLD AWAY chair or something that still would look nice if left out in a kitchen. I would like white or grey. It's the chair for clients whilst having nails done, I currently use a hard based circular seated stool that's not overly comfy and think it's about time I...
  3. Emily S

    CJP vs CND?

    I have had a sample kit of the master CJP and lifting was minimal for a lift prone CND client. However, on each of the 3 ladies I tried on, each had a break, not a full nail coming off but an actually snap! This is something I very very rarely get, especially with these ladies I tried with...
  4. Emily S

    How to do these?

    Is this able to be done with polish/Shellac... I have tried doing white polish with a thin line of black Sharpie then dsperse but it went fully into marble, not really a cracked look...? Any tips welcome :)
  5. Emily S

    Using coloured acrylic

    I love seeing work using coloured acrylic and line cutting but I hate soaking off plus I can't imagine people would pay for the time used to soak off when in filling. I generally take 50/60 minutes for a full set of acrylics with polish. 45-55 minutes for an infill. Those of you who...
  6. Emily S

    Opal Nails

    Just seen these on Facebook and wondered how they're done, anyone any ideas?
  7. Emily S

    Where to buy these?

    I use a supplier for Swarovski crystals already but she only sells 'regular' round shapes... Anyone got a link to some of these different shaped crystals with a flat back?
  8. Emily S


    A client who has been coming to me for about 4 sets of nails (infills included) has just sent me this picture. I am absolutely mortified. I have never had this happen before and I'm generally confident with my work. Is this only due to a 'lift' not being filed out sufficiently or could it be...
  9. Emily S

    Mirror effect nails?

    So, I've tried out the mirror effect nail and this is what I get.... I can't see myself in it so I'm guessing it isn't a mirror! :o :D Has anyone got any pics that look like a mirror or am I being fooled...
  10. Emily S

    Wow, does anyone actually do nails like this?

    Using just one bead of acrylic that to me looks to be the completely wrong ratio this nail tech has done what appears to be a fairly well formed set of enhancements (personal preference on length /shape etc - but you get my drift)... This would've taken me a good 3 beads to do each nail - do...
  11. Emily S

    Ideas for spray tan/shower room

    I work from home and at the moment I use the bathroom floor doing spray tans using a tanning tent. I'm wanting to get rid of the tent and make what is my bath a walk in shower /tanning booth. Could anyone give me anything for /against this idea in case I haven't thought it through very well...
  12. Emily S

    Can lighting make much difference?

    In a nut shell, yes!! I have asked on here about this before and also seen it asked by many other people so thought I'd give it a bit of feedback.. ...after many failed attempts at taking pictures showing the true colour of my nails I gave up and decided to treat myself to a lamp that gives...
  13. Emily S

    What could cause this?

    Hi a friend of mine has been having acrylics for the past 2 years by myself and has decided to give them a break as she has been getting these sore areas... Anyone any idea what it could be, would an allergy be likely to look like this? She's not a biter...
  14. Emily S

    Client just sent this picture

    Hi, my client had her nails done on the 9th December and has taken them off (no doubt pulled them off) today. She's not complaining, just concerned, does anyone know why the nail would be like this? I have suggested trauma if she's previously bashed it but want to be sure. Edited to add -...
  15. Emily S

    Can Minx lamp be used as a normal lamp?

    Can the old style white minx lamp be used as a normal lamp or is it an issue with it being heated? I'm wanting a daylight lamp for taking pictures and was considering getting a new one but then remembered I have a brand new minx lamp in a box ready to sell from about 3 years ago that I could...
  16. Emily S

    Left handers help, struggling with nail art

    I'm a left handed writer but a right handed nail tech.. Does any one else do nails with their right but write with their left and if so do you struggle with nail art? I've been thinking for a while that this could be the cause of it and it's driving me mad.. I can draw simple designs on paper...
  17. Emily S

    Need advice!

    I worked mobile and from home until 18 months ago I decided to work only from home. I no longer have my extra kit so that I can work mobile. A lady has just asked on a Facebook page if there's any mobile techs to do her nails. Someone tagged me which was lovely of them but I replied and said...
  18. Emily S

    Client records/consultation 'cards'

    I'm wanting to start an online database for my clients. I would like it to cover the basics ie. name, address etc and a few of my own questions. Does anyone know of a good online database system where I could do this kind of thing or is it not really recommended due to clients not being able...
  19. Emily S

    Buying all colours - received new S2 catalogue

    I have just received the new catalogue from Sweet Squared and decided to go through ALL my Shellac colours putting them into the order that's shown in the catalogue. As I have done so, I have written down a list of colours I haven't got: Cream Puff Powder My Nose Negligee Beau Bare Chemise...
  20. Emily S

    Where to get fancy shaped Swarovski?

    I see so many lovely fancy pictures covered in bling and wondered where to get the Swarovski crystals in fancy shapes/colours... The lady I buy from only stocks the standard colours and shapes!