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  1. Lovebellex

    Suppliers: Euphoria One, Hair Planet?

    You can try GL hair who now stock over 85 shades and weights, trade discounts available if you can show a valid certificate x
  2. Lovebellex

    Which hair extensions supplier do I use?

    Hi Hun! We recommend that you try our GL hair in the Russia range or Pure range on someone to see the quality and you wont be disappointed as they have recently had amazing new batches in :) Try the 0.8 or 1 gram strands x
  3. Lovebellex

    Which hair extension method?

    Hi Kelly! To be honest, we train hundreds of students and the most popular methods are Nano rings, micro rings, fusion pre bonded and Celebrity weave..did you have the metal tipped nanos or the clear soft silicone tipped nanos? x
  4. Lovebellex

    Hot/cold fusion hair extensions

    Hi Hun, we teach the ultrasonic cold fusion using a digital machine which actually seals the bonds using ultrasonic doesnt get hot like hot fusion or pre bonded. Its a fabulous method and we apply them using flat and cylindrical bonds depending on client hair type x
  5. Lovebellex

    Want to stop offering cheap hair extensions

    Hey Hun, I would use the more premium hair but advertise like mad that you are using it..get some models and take pics, vids, boomerangs and plaster them on social'll be getting more clients in no time x
  6. Lovebellex

    Blisters from extensions pliers

    Hey Hun! Try fingerless cycling gloves as they are cushioned and so easy to work with, you can grab them on ebay for cheap x
  7. Lovebellex

    White extensions?

    The absolute whitest blondes are #62 #64 from GL hair (0 yellowness and lovely silvery hue!)
  8. Lovebellex

    Help please, microblading/semi perm cosmetics courses

    Hello! We offer pro courses in both Korean and Japanese microblading using both the handheld device technique and the machine. Where are you located? x
  9. Lovebellex

    Best hair extension course

    Hello! We hold courses UK-wide with excellent reviews on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. All courses cover the worlds latest and most popular methods and free pro kits. We hold 30 or so courses per month, where are you located? x
  10. Lovebellex

    Hey noodle! where can i post up recruitment posts? we are looking for more staff x

    Hey noodle! where can i post up recruitment posts? we are looking for more staff x
  11. Lovebellex

    Hair extension course

    Hello! Nano rings, micro rings, pre bonds and braidless weave are popular with our students, always offer at least 1 wefted technique for the clients that prefer weave/wefts x
  12. Lovebellex

    Extensions slipping out of the ring: plastic tips the problem?

    Hello! Yes the nanos come in several tips now which we also teach our students about in all of our hair extension courses at Belle. Another reason for slippage with Nano rings could also be your section sizes, how wide and deep would you say your sections are? x
  13. Lovebellex

    Calling all hair extensionists, I'm about to train in this please help!

    Hello! We offer 7 method training over 2 days or up to 4 methods in 1 day, where are you based? x
  14. Lovebellex

    Belle hair extensions training

    Hi Caroline! This is highly unusual, we send out all certificates (unless the student requires further training) within 21 days of course. We will look into this for you, please email us on with subject "certificate" so we can investigate this urgently x
  15. Lovebellex

    Hair extension courses in Kent

    Hello! we hold courses in Maidstone, Kent every month. We teach several methods and everything you need to know about them such as how to apply balayage hair extensions, how to space them, how to care for them and the latest styles. please inbox for some info xx
  16. Lovebellex

    LA Weave course?

    Hello! We teach LA weave in every main UK city, inbox us for more info xx
  17. Lovebellex

    Hello! did you manage to get this sorted? x

    Hello! did you manage to get this sorted? x
  18. Lovebellex

    Micro rings in dyed hair?

    Hello! We havent had any issues with doing both on the same day so long as bleach isn't used. x
  19. Lovebellex

    Shrinkies / shrink link extensions?

    Hello! Micro rings tend to be more stronger and last longer but shrinkies are of a different texture (softer) x
  20. Lovebellex

    Tape hair extension training?

    Hello! We offer this, please inbox us x