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  1. DonnaHeinz_NailArt

    Red hair help

    Anyone here to give advice
  2. DonnaHeinz_NailArt

    Red hair help

    Hello my natural hair is dark I have coloured my hair using L'Oréal hi colour megenta with 30vol oreor developer my ends are dark and my roots are bright megenta Lol I used a crazy colour Bordeaux to try and even out my colour some parts of my ends are now red the rest is dark. What do you...
  3. DonnaHeinz_NailArt

    Acrylic brush size?

    What is your acrylic brush size and why is this your preferred brush size?
  4. DonnaHeinz_NailArt

    Need an odorless acrylic system

    Nsi did an smell free Acrylic but it yellows so I say try hard gel
  5. DonnaHeinz_NailArt

    Has anyone heard of a website

    Hello I would not limit yourself to one particular brand because your training with that brand. I use naio nails to create my acrylic 3D work and nails it creates fantastic 3Ds and nail art the colour range is wide. If you watch YouTube and do your research you will see competition winners are...