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  1. Ellebelle

    People trying to steal your joy!

    We have one in my group of friends . She actually told us subjects that were banned topic of conversation at a recent get together (holidays, house moving and extensions) it's quite sad really because she was bitter she couldn't do any of those things but at the same time I don't think it means...
  2. Ellebelle


    Good reviews ladies so I now know I can take my 7 and 9 yr old but leave my 3 yr old boy at home. Thank you xx
  3. Ellebelle

    No make up selfies, cancer awareness, show us yours!

    I've seen holly willoughby has
  4. Ellebelle

    No make up selfies, cancer awareness, show us yours!

    How can something doing good, however small, be bad??!!!!!! I wouldn't have donated today if it wasn't for this selfie thing. It's not meant to replace other methods of fundraising and charity giving. People will still do worthwhile things. It's just an added bonus that, in my opinion...
  5. Ellebelle

    Custom nail "paperweight" thingys

    I've liked!!
  6. Ellebelle

    Any Nail Techs from south east Kent willing to help?

    Book with Liza Smith in the CND kent academy in sittingbourne either a one to one or do your L&P conversion. She did wonders for me! timings will come down the more you do. I actually prefer sculpting now as I faff way to much with tips sizing, glueing , blending shaping etc now I get the form...
  7. Ellebelle

    Please help me

    I've had a look at the FAQ section on the website they say many of their courses are accredited and qualifications awarded by city and guilds , edexcel . They say many, not all . On that particular course it just says a ics diploma. Nothing about awarding bodies or accredited by etc You need...
  8. Ellebelle

    Urgent help needed FACEBOOK

    I think this is why when competitions are run it's the people who have liked and shared your status that get entered
  9. Ellebelle

    Fake bookings-how can I stop it!

    If this was my business and I had proof this was being done I would seek legal advice
  10. Ellebelle

    What's happened to TV?

    I could watch friends over and over and never get sick of it, live Comedy Central took it over from e4 to continue showing it every day!!! I also love mr Selfridge and the walking dead
  11. Ellebelle

    Potential to impact on getting a new job?

    A gap didn't stop Sam bailey winning X factor!!!! You go for it, good luck xxx
  12. Ellebelle

    Client with peeling Shellac

    From the photos her nails look quite short so really try and seal that free edge as best you can. If its not sealed it will lift. If her hands are in water a lot without gloves, she will be more prone to issues. The natural nail is porous so will suck up water. Then they dry out so shrink back...
  13. Ellebelle

    Inappropriate messages

    Ignore, you'll not exactly book them in now would you!?
  14. Ellebelle

    What is your salon Facebook?

    I've liked you've got some great reviews well done
  15. Ellebelle

    Shellac complaint

    Have you seen them and asked usual questions about what she's been up to lately/ aftercare etc? Also ask her to email a picture if she can. as she is a new client I agree with Abby Customer care is very important, so I would offer to re do the nails that have chipped (soak off and reapply) and...
  16. Ellebelle

    Ruined my Ezflow acrylic brush, so sad

    I had the something and my lovely geek friend (not sure if I'm allowed to mention who) said to place in a clear bottle with some monomer in. You will need to tape brush to the bottle so it is submerged but not pressing down on its own bristles (hairs)I left mine in longer than overnight I think...
  17. Ellebelle

    Out of curiosity

    I watched the Jodie marsh documentary, and she used a product like a body paint all over to go really dark. I'm not sure if all body builders use it though. I know she had to cover up her tattoos for the comp so that might be why she used it. There are very very dark tans available but I don't...
  18. Ellebelle

    I cannot believe this!

    I'm one if those customers that didn't think about the date of a voucher! I bought one for hubby - a zombie apocalypse experience day from buy a gift. Com It was a 10 month voucher and expired October last year. Totally my fault but I emailed them explaining I would be buying another so I can...
  19. Ellebelle

    What nails are you sporting today?

    These are my nails CND retention L&P sculpted nails (rebalanced, not a new set) with Waterpark shellac and silver holographic glitter fade.
  20. Ellebelle

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Inspired from clients pic she found on Pinterest a snowy tipped nail. Natural nail all shellac xx