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  1. donnamich

    Essay help-diabetes

    Hey hope some of you can help. So, i am writing an essay about spray tanning and i've got to a bit that has stumped me. Contraindications. I know i should know this for how long i've been tanning, but when i was trained i got told diabetes was a contraindication. I need to write why, but...
  2. donnamich

    Daughter's frizzy hair

    Hey everyone. Looking for a bit advice with my daughters hair. She is 2.5 year old and has gorgeous blonde curly hair, it hangs in ringlets. I say its gorgeous but it only really is when she has been in the bath and it has dried naturally. When she wakes up on a morning it looks like she has...
  3. donnamich

    Insurance help

    Hi everyone. I'm slightly confused, any help would be much appreciated. I have just signed a lease for a little salon. I have been looking at the guild website for insurance. My landlord is responsible for the building and i wont be emplying anyone. Do i need the full salon insurance or just the...
  4. donnamich

    Crazy Angel fast tan

    I have tried to use the crazy angel fast tan a few times now and it is the worst!!! Only get a bit colour if left on over night and it only ends up at about an 8%. My clients love crazy angel so are very disappointed as they wanted a fast tan in this range. Soooo has any of you used their 16% as...
  5. donnamich

    Black Magic tan

    Is any of you lovely tanners using Black Magic tan? They phoned me and asked if i would like to try a free sample. It arrived the next day by courier, which really impressed me. Anyway, it was a sample of the vibe evolution rapid tan. I rubbed a bit on my arm and the guide colour actually scared...
  6. donnamich

    Mine Tan

    Hi everyone, has anyone tried this tan?
  7. donnamich

    Sienna x HIT tan?

    Does anyone use this? And whats it like, colour, fade off ect ? And do all clients leave it for an hour or is there different times for different shades?
  8. donnamich

    Reem tan

    I recieved some samples of Reem tan a few weeks ago. Finally I got round to trying it out on one of my regulars. I didn't tell her what it was as she normally goes for the well know brands. She came to my house the next day just to tell me it was the best tan she's ever had, gorgeous colour, not...