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    Alternative to cotton wool?

    I can only think of facial useage sorry. I use yellow circular sponges for cleanser and mask removal- obviously damp ones. Also fine cotton cloths and very fine flannels for the same reason. They are fully washable and as I always use aromatherapy oils in my water , don't degrade because of it...
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    Brow wax gone wrong

    It's that sensitive skin , know that too well myself. Thankyou for you gracious reply, it is nice to know that some geeks have nice manners and you are indeed a ray of sunshine! Rosie
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    I have multiple green nails!

    The only nail enhancement that stopped my 58 years old sister from nail biting was a full set of very short extensions...worked a treat. Nail techs will not treat pseudomonas nails , but you could have the unaffected nails done and look after the one problem until it's ok again. On that nail...
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    Brow wax gone wrong

    It does look a little sore , but don't beat yourself up as these things happen occasionally. She has quite a couperose complexion from what I can see , so you are dealing with a typically sensitive client anyway. (like me for example!) I do my own brow wax and on the odd occasion It has...
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    Full manicure with gel polish

    Try Mr. Pumice callus remover and the foot pumice made by the same company. It is excellent and I find no need to keep on reapplying it. Use gloves an follow instructions as it is a caustic product. Another callus softner I us is by ASP. Fruit acid based callus softener and cuticle softner...
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    Full manicure with gel polish

    I am not resident in a particularly pricey area , but I do reflect the salons in and around my location on price. My pedicures are £25 about an hour in the diary, some more some less if their feet are my previous work. Beauty therapy trained so that means cuticle work and a good thorough...
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    Cheap clients!

    Hi Misshappy, Before you embark on another expensive course I think you should do some market research into the new treatment. Will you be hoping that new clients or your existing clients will want your new treatment? You will have to do a ton of treatments to break even and start
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    Best skincare as a new starter in business

    Kaeso for me too!!
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    Insurance advice

    I use Federation of Holistic Therapists and have been a member for 37 years as a student and then as a fully qualified therapist. I have done many courses which have been added to my policy over the years. it is good enough for me , and I am not planning on changing. As for microblading with...
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    Best wax pot brand for at home salon?

    If you haven't got your wax heater yet , the starter kits are a good way to try them out. You will get wax, strips , pre and post lotions , spatulas etc. Not too expensive. However if you are using hard wax, I do like "just wax "for my mobile clients. It is microwaveable so no heater needed...
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    Difference between top & base coat in bottles that look alike?

    My top coat glows white in the led lamp when applied. So yes trial it, I don't know if it will do the same under uv though. You may have to do 2 coats to really see the glow....obviously you will not be using very much product but well worth finding out.. If it glows it's top , if it doesn't...
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    Pedicure help!

    I would wash feet very quickly before gel toes if they are not pleasant and the client has been at work all day, however it is usual to just sanitise feet first and then do your cuticle work and follow with gel polish. I do go overboard with dehydrator afterwards though to help drive out water...
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    Are you working in a well lit or sunny window as it sounds like it is curing as you are applying...

    Are you working in a well lit or sunny window as it sounds like it is curing as you are applying it ? Have some shade - a blind or curtain of some kind or move away from the bright light source and see if that is the reason.
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    How much for cap highlights?

    I had it done when I was young and stupid. My hair was very long and it was murder to remove the cap.... I would sooner have a baby ha ha. Short hair I am sure is ok as the above posts have suggested, but I know it is not for the faint hearted. Steer her well away from a cap, you will be giving...
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    Gellux 90 second option?

    I remember my first removal... thought it would never come off !!! Always file the top coat off so that some colour is visible as filings, but do it gently so that you don't go right through to the nail plate. Don't use their remover it was rubbish as it was not pure acetone.... you can apply...
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    Nail pro tools for cuticle work advice please, which brand?!

    Try Tweezerman for clippers and cuticle pushers Orly do a good cuticle pusher Cuccio do a very small cuticle nipper which i like for very accurate cuticle work. All barbicide and isopropryl alcohol proof , I buy mine from Alan Howard or sally's or cuccio. They will last years, if treated...
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    Gellux 90 second option?

    I trained in gellux, and as far as I am aware all coats are 30 seconds cure. I trained almost 2 years ago so unless there's been a massive change , continue with 30 seconds only as it will be harder to remove. However as the above post says the black lamp is a faster cure , so check with gellux...
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    Painting tiny/odd toe nails

    Are you asking about "hammer toes" when you say they are curled under? If yes, it really comes down to the thickness of the nail that is making it hard to cut and file. Hold your clippers at a 45 degree angle instead of parallel with the edge of the nail and finish off with a filing. I have...
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    Painting tiny/odd toe nails

    I am sorry that you have had your confidence shattered. It happens to all of us. Only as good as the last treatment is a constant worry. It shows you care. I had a few problems with accuracy when I was painting nails in poor light However you have identified that has been a cause. I also...
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    Platform for pedicure set up

    Hi , would a Skinmate pedicure chair work for you to save any unnecessary woodwork? I use a very small stool to sit on , works well for me. I have done thousands of pedicures in my working life without major changes to my pedicure set up .I don't think you need to overthink it really. RosieR