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    Help, severe bleach allergy

    If a client has a known allergy to bleach, it’s classed as a contra-indication and your insurer might not approve you using foils, so best to check with them before offering this option to clients.
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    High employee turnover?

    That’s a tricky situation. How do you plan to deal with the manager?
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    Chair rental pricing

    That sounds a bit extortionate. What do you get included? Daily rent is usually roughly equivalent to the price charged for one cut/finish. Whether that’s a set rent or commission. Assuming you normally charge say, £40 for a cut/blow and you do 6 a day. You’d be paying £30 rent plus £72...
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    Liability statement

    In the U.K., you can’t legally absolve yourself of liability if it goes wrong and the client is harmed, just because someone signed a contract. In fact, getting a client to sign any sort of disclaimer actually puts the therapist in a bad light if there was a subsequent legitimate claim and the...
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    High employee turnover?

    Even the most downmarket poorly managed Salon can offer useful learning opportunities, so I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss them out of hand. I think when you’re starting your career, it’s handy to gain experience from a variety of situations because that helps you work out your own boundaries and...
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    Wella colour coming off on clients towel!

    Really? What happens when she is shampoo-ed in the salon? I suspect she’s a scammer rather than a genuine client if her hair hasn’t faded very much.
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    Employee vs employer

    Make sure she informs you in writing that she doesn’t intend to return and ask for this before you proceed to pay her the holiday pay. I wouldn’t normally pay holiday pay in advance of it being accrued but wait until it becomes due. However, if you’ve got her leave date in writing, you can...
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    My hair highlight is to blonde ashy how can make a golden tone

    Why 20%? Did you mean 20vol? For toning you’d normally use 10vol/3% or lower because you’re deepening the colour not lifting. What brand do you normally use? I like Wella Illumina for toning because it doesn’t give a solid colour and is more natural looking.
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    Hair extensions gone pink?

    That’s a bit ridiculous. Going abroad on holiday when you live on an Island is perfectly normal behaviour.
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    Please help with extensions info

    OP, many of the recommendations you read on here are from people connected with the company they are recommending. Just be wary about taking things at face value. :)
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    Roots colour

    If it’s 100% white and you want to go as dark as a 3 you’re going to have to add the missing colour pigments before applying your target shade.
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    Do you know if your hairdresser used an ‘on scalp’ bleach? Most powder based bleaches are meant for foils only and not suitable for using on the scalp. Also, what strength developer did they use? They shouldn’t really go above 6% for scalp bleaching. However, it’s not particularly ‘safe’ to...
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    Hair extensions gone pink?

    It will be the minerals in the (pool ?) water. Normally, you’d use a proper chelating shampoo to remove mineral deposits rather than a deep cleansing shampoo but it is very drying and it could ruin extension hair.
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    Help with toner?

    I have no idea what your version of ‘mushroom brown’ looks like as I tend to buy the white button mushrooms. ;) Joking aside, with a toner, you’re neutralising unwanted tones so you should choose a toner that matches the level of the hair you’re colouring. So if it’s lifted to an 8, look for a...
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    Nightmare client

    I can’t even begin to imagine...:eek::eek:
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    Self employed rental charges

    Two weeks free rent? Can you afford to do this? What does your accountant advise? It’s a nice perk but a bit unrealistic in the current financial climate. Presumably, your building society doesn’t give you 2 free weeks on your mortgage? You might think you’re only giving them free hair and...
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    Self employed

    Underpaid by £2000 yet you feel loyalty towards your boss? Why don’t you value yourself more? You’ve already given him 8 years of loyal service, you need to seriously consider moving on and working for yourself. Imagine being underpaid by £2k a year for 8 years. That equals £16,000. Can...
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    Hair color

    No, tint won’t lift tint. Never use a highlift on anything lower than an 8 if you want a cool result. You’ll need to bleach it up.
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    What’s your starting base?
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    Copper tones from salon highlights

    I prefer the salon brand shampoos and highly recommend Osmo Super Silver no Yellow shampoo. You can buy it from Sally Beauty stores if your hairdresser doesn’t happen to sell it or anything equivalent.