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    Self employed terms and conditions

    A solicitor is who you need :)
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    Declaring tax?

    Or you can use free accounting software like and just fill in your invoices for each client and expenses and have it all automatic for you.
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    Card payment terminals

    Square is a solid option.
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    Starling business account

    Yep. I have 3 business accounts and 1 personal with Starling. Can’t recommend them enough.
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    Yell Business

    Honestly, I'd be willing to take it to court if it came to it. Any reasonable judge (in my opinion and I'm no solicitor) would say it's unfair practice. How they take your details? Bank details? Delete the direct debit and you are protected by a direct debit guarantee. Card? Call up the bank and...
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    Yell Business

    There is a big reason they rebranded to Hibu for a while because they had such a bad rep and were in legal trouble. They're really the bottom of the barrel.
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    Notice period

    A few things for future reference; You should be taking your own money and paying her the commission at the end of the week. She can't dictate your times/days or prices. You should have a contract. You haven't mentioned but you should also be taking your own payments, handling your own...
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    Notice period

    How can you be paid when you're self-employed? You should be taking your own money.
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    Yell Business

    It's pretty much a waste of time and quite expensive. I've heard many tales of wasted money and time with Yell over the years. The deep cleaner I hired a few months ago for when I moved said he was paying over £100+/mo and had nothing in a year. They're pretty pushy sales people and once you...
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    How do you fill your last minute appointments?

    They've given you their data and if your privacy policy says about marketing then this is part of marketing so no GDPR issues at all. However, it's wise to maybe pay for a third party system that they can text back STOP or something to unsubscribe them.
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    Struggling to build clients

    Reverse engineer it. Where are your ideal clients located? What do they do for work? Where do they socialise? If you were looking for your services where would you look? The answer is most people google everything so a top tier website will make the world of difference BUT a bad website can...
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    Name help please

    Think of a just a single word or just a couple of words. You don’t need to be explicit in what you do in your name. Even made up words can create awesome brands. Long names are harder to brand and harder to remember.
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    Self assessment

    If you've declared them in this years accounts you can't re-use them in next years return. You can carry your loss forward though I believe.
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    Best ways of promoting new business

    A good website is key. Everyone looks for everything online these days.
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    Taking on self employed staff (60/40 Split)

    There's a lot or murky situations in your post so I'll outline some options for you - this is just my opinion of course :) Percentage split or monthly rate. Can't really do both. If someone only does 1 or 2 days, you rent out the other days to someone else. Central booking system isn't wise as...
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    Apprenticeship help

    Can't do it if you were an employee, no diff being in training as an apprentice.
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    Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!

    I think insulation is wise - can't advise specifics - but it's well known that outhouses unless done properly with insulation etc. tend to be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Consider the cost of proper air con too. I know my wifes lady has a really nice outbuilding and she hates it...
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    Home working - delivery issues

    They only get paid if they deliver with some courier companies and they don't want to come back hence the probable persistence.
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    Help me choose one of business names

    I mean my initial thoughts are why Hollywood? I'm guessing you aren't based in Hollywood? None of the names really doing it for me personally - sorry :( It could also be construed as a place to just have fancy styles done for special occasions, not your regular hair salon. I think you should...
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    Help me choose one of business names

    Anything with locks just sounds like a locksmith business to me.