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  1. Rachel Mary

    Feedback in IBD Acylic please??

    Hi I love IBD, I use their Acrylic system and Ibd Intense seal. They are a faster set acrylic, which I love. They are very good price wise too. I have tried, creative and ezi flow but I found this the range for me. :hug:
  2. Rachel Mary

    DENIED for Gastric Bypass

    Has anyone had this procedure in australia. cheers rachel
  3. Rachel Mary

    I want to start my own salon...

    Yolanda whatever you do I hope you are extremely happy and extremely successful xxxx:green: :hug:
  4. Rachel Mary

    Nail Foils

    Happy happy birthday!!!!!! xxx
  5. Rachel Mary

    Just thought I'd share!!

    Out with the old and in with the new, onwards and upwards and all that jazz!!! Its a fresh start for you, hope its all you want it to be xxxx:green:
  6. Rachel Mary

    Home Hair disasters

    I am not a hairdresser, but I am still having a good laugh at the horror stories people have done to their hair. Poor things! xxx:) :lol:
  7. Rachel Mary

    If you don't ask you don't get ,so ........

    I think it is a good idea, you can say you have been doing nails for two years but it doesnt mean that you have trained. It would be good if a little box could be added that asked us to tick if we were a trained professional or if we were a student or someone just passing their time, so to...
  8. Rachel Mary

    Aren't clients the limit sometimes??. ..

    You got to love them! Lovely clients. You can get some real awful ones. Luckily the nice ones outweigh the bad ones. xxx
  9. Rachel Mary

    Cabbage Soup Diet ???

    I did this diet, when I was getting engaged so I would like all trim and fab on the engagement party. Well let me tell you, you do loose a lot of weight, I lost ten kilo's on it. But my goodness, you can barely sleep in the same room as yourself you freaking stink sooooooo much. I think I had a...
  10. Rachel Mary

    Its the way they tell em! lol

    These are not offensive or racist in my opinion. I thought they were funny and took them how they were meant to be taken, light heartedly. xxxx
  11. Rachel Mary

    New word game -word association.

  12. Rachel Mary

    What !!!!!

    Pmsl!!! Thats a good one! xx:lol:
  13. Rachel Mary

    Weird Product on Ebay.

    :green: Hi I was just having a look on Ebay and came across this weird product, I dont have a clue what you would use it for, can anyone enlighten me? eBay Australia: 10 X NAIL COVER CLIPPER Nail Art Tips NEW ARRIVAL (item 120107847675, end time 14-Apr-07 19:45:00 AEST) ViewItem Cheers Rachel
  14. Rachel Mary

    Just been told the worst news a person could receive

    I really feel for you and your mum. Its an awful situation and we all know one day we are going to be in your shoes and it hits home hard to all of us. Spend the time you have left with your mum saying all that you want to, the biggest gift you can give to yourself at the moment is to show all...
  15. Rachel Mary


    OOh would love to see a tutorial on that, I use my GHD to just straighten and would love to do it with the curl.! xx
  16. Rachel Mary

    My Salon Receptionist Died This Morning

    How sad. :cry: Everybody comes into our life for a reason, for a short or long while. Unfortunately this has been very short. I feel for the family that are left behind. Its tragic. xxx:hug:
  17. Rachel Mary

    Ms Matrix - Happy Birthday!!

    :hug: Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Geeky Yolanda Happy Birthday to you!!!! Mwah! with love your Aussie Buddy xxx
  18. Rachel Mary

    Do you go with your gut feelings?

    You poor thing, what an awful thing to carry with you. It was her time, I am sure she wouldnt want you to feel guilty about it. Lots of hugs Rachel
  19. Rachel Mary

    Had my baby on Sunday, 1 April, at 26 weeks!

    Congratulations first and foremost. Secondly, its not something to feel bad about that your body didnt go to full term. It has happened and I am sure with todays modern medicine your little bundle of joy will be able to come home with you soon. Get all the rest that you can because soon you...
  20. Rachel Mary


    I like the rep system, its nice to receive a pat on the back when you have helped a fellow geek. But I think that it should show automically the user name of who rep'd you negative or positive. I dont like that someone can just neg rep you and not leave their name. I think if you have the guts...