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    Struggling to build clients

    It takes time to build a client base. There is a brilliant post on here more ways to promote. There is loads of ideas on there.
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    Dermaplane insurance?

    £375 extra! They said it’s because it’s new so it should come down in price
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    Dermaplane insurance?

    Professional beauty direct have recently started to insurance for dermaplaning but it’s pricey
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    Check with your insurance. Every council and insurance company are different. My insurance Company wouldn’t cover dermaplanning and only in the past couple of months have started but at double the cost!
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    Salon opening day

    I offered 20% off all beauty treatments throughout the month but must be booked and paid for on the evening. All offered free mini treatments like shape and polish on hands. We had a really good turn out from it
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    CND Pro Beauty promotions

    I read somewhere that cnd won't be selling any products but you can order on line, think they may be doing some offers on line. There was going to be doing more demo's or something, I maybe wrong but I'm sure it was on an email or something.
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    Moving premises-keeping clients?

    I had a home salon for 5 years then a shop came up for rent, it was only half a mile away and I took the gamble, I did loss a handful of client but a gained a lot more. What's the worst that can happen you can always go back working from home
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    Home based salon gel nail prices

    I was a home salon for 5 years, I now have a salon. When I first started with shellac I was £18.00. There is salons now doing shellac hands and toes for £20.00. I don't compete I leave them to it, and I get no end off clients coming to me, turns out it's not shellac. People may like cheap pros...
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    Non surgical face lifts

    I use Elemis biotec, it's a a great machine, offers 5 technologies, includes non surgical. I have used caci and to me not only is the Elemis better but it has everything you need to offer and more. The aftercare is great they really support you and they want you to do well because of selling...
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    Elemis interview

    I don't work forElemis I use there products and do the Elemis facials and biotec. All I can say is they are an exciting company and their products and treatments are amazing. I love Elemis. Good luck x
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    HD Brows cost

    Ohhhhh dear, what a Shame. Sounds like they are forcing people to take on the makeup too. Last year you could invest in the make up as a virtual stockist from as little as £100. I was waiting to see what happens with it but looks like it's going no where. How much is it now? I did the training...
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    Launch/promotion evening for non-surgical face lift

    I recently bought Elemis biotec and I have a launch day. I did it myself because the rep wasn't free the day I wanted. I sent an email to all clients, I did a 20 minute treatment on them it was £10 but would be refunded on any facials or Elemis products. I filled the day worked from 9.30am and...
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    MoYou website

    I've just had an email from them saying you can now order moyou London though next? Is that the same company
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    Vinylux vs other polish?

    We had vinylux and clients hated it, it was mainly because they struggled to remove it them selves, I also hated removing it too, took ages. I've since been using opi and clients love it, we never sold one vinylux and we are selling loads of opi. Your best to buy a few bottles and try them out...
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    Elemis or Dermalogica at Pro Beauty this week

    Hello I was. Home salon for 5 years and never did very well with facials, last year I had the salon I took on Elemis, everyone round me has dermalogica so I wanted something different. I looked into different skin are companies and not only loved the Elemis products but the rep was so nice and...
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    Russian lashes

    I'm looking into this at the moment, I'm going to london to the beauty show next month and hoping some companies will be there, but I've done some lash training with nouveau and think I'm going to end up with them xx
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    Taking too long to do a full set, help

    Nouveau express lashes are fab, I have done semi perm and don't have 2 hours to do a set. I did the lets go training, so that's strip, cluster and express and I can't recommend it enough. It takes 20 minutes for a natural set and around 45 minutes for a full on, I charge £28. They done need...
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    HD Brow training

    The cost is expensive I know how you feel, but I did the training in January and it's so worth it, the brand speaks for itself. I'd save and send one girl first and as your making money then spend someone else. Also when I booked it it was months away so I paid a deposit Round £500 then had a...
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    The dreaded Christmas promotion

    Has anyone started to think of Christmas yet? Last few years I've put some packages together with a discount to encourage for gift vouchers and people tend to spend a set value rather than go for the package. So this time I've been thinking about doing a package for the party season and maybe an...
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    Setting up my own salon

    I worked from home for 5 years and struggled to find an insurance company to insurance me, the beauty insurance was fine it was the house insurance for building and contents. To the op I worked from home for 5 years and 18 months ago I rented a salon, I had build my client base and over the 5...