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    How do you fill your last minute appointments?

    Ok so I have a few appointments free this week (some tomorrow.) What do you all do to try to fill these spaces?
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    Blending in tan lines?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been spray tanning for over 10 years now but never been asked to blend in tan lines! A lady messaged me today asking if I could, would this be possible?
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    Hand filing acrylic hand pain

    Hi all acrylic Geeks I have been doing acrylics for 10 years and now I am getting a lot busier I am getting pain/craps in my hands. Do you have any suggestions how I can protect myself from this, and any tips on relief?
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    Where to go from here?

    Hi everyone I am at a point where I don’t know where to take things next. I am home based and offer spray tans, lash lift and tint, eyebrow shape, gel polish, acrylic nails, manicure, and pedicure. I have been thinking of maybe doing some mobile as I am at the limit of what my local council will...
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    Which gel polish do you use and why do you love it so much?

    What brands of gel polish do you all use and why?
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    Are any of you influencers on Instagram? What influencers do you follow?
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    Halo Easibuild

    Have any of you lovely nail techs tried Halo Easibuild? What are your opinions on it?
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    Website constructive criticism please

    Hi everyone I would really appreciate some constructive criticism on my website, I have created it myself and learning as I go. Any tips on how to improve it would be very welcome. Here goes
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    Facial waxing package name inspiration

    Hi I’m putting together some packages and am really struggling for a name for a facial waxing package this includes Eyebrow shape Top lip wax Chin wax Any name ideas are very much appreciated [emoji8]
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    Wax not sticking to strips

    I have been doing eyebrows etc for 8 years, yesterday I had two eyebrow clients in and both time the wax was not sticking to the strips. Can anyone shed any light as to what could be causing this? Thanks x
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    Nail competitions online?

    Do you know if any upcoming online nail competitions?
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    Client reaction to lash tint help

    My client has been having her lashes tinted every 6 weeks for around 12 months she has been fine, she has just messaged me saying her eyes are killing and what should she put on them please help [emoji22]
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    Do you charge for service upon booking

    Hi do any of you charge for the full service upon booking?
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    Gift card promotions

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering what sort of promotions do you do to boost gift card sales?
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    Wedding fairs

    Hi do any of you do wedding fairs? Do you find them good for business, and what type of things do you take? Goodie bags, samples, nail art etc?
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    Models, do you charge them?

    When asking for models do you charge them or do you do free of charge?
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    NSI soak off colours?

    Are these a soak off colour alternative to gel polish?
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    How much time do you spend on marketing?

    I really struggle with marketing etc hence why I don’t really do it! The only thing I do is post pics etc on my Facebook page. How much time do you all spend marketing?
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    Party lashes and eyelash extensions

    Can someone help by explaining what the differences between party lashes and eyelash extensions are please? [emoji16]
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    Urgent, sensitive to wax help

    I have a client popping in today she is wanting a eyebrow, top lip, and chin wax. She is very sensitive on her face how would I patch test for this?