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  1. ClaireEharris

    Hook nail info?

    Hi all I’m really hoping someone can help me shed light on Hook Nails? I’ve recently enrolled on a VTCt Level 3, loving the chance to get back in to learning (it’s been a few years now) I’ve spent the best part of the evening trying to research hook nails but I’m coming up with nothing?! I’ve...
  2. ClaireEharris

    Share of retail products?

    Good Afternoon all, I would like to ask a question... I’ve started working within a salon on a self employed basis,the salon owner has asked me to bring in any retail products as he would like to go halves with me & in turn half the profit. My question is am I obliged to have him go halves in...
  3. ClaireEharris

    Spray tanning gun help!

    Have just sprayed a client, i use a Pro v essentials tanning machine... I checked the spray flow before spraying, all seemed fine, client left happy no problems, until I’ve just gone to clean machine & tent & realised to my horror the gun was set on ‘C’...
  4. ClaireEharris

    Tax etc

    Hi please can somebody clarify for me... I’ve only recently registered self employed and have an opportunity to work within a salon, the owner is looking for a 30% split (I’m providing all products, equipment & advertising) due to it having a re furb as in the past it was horrendously out dated...
  5. ClaireEharris

    Adding a watermark?

    I’m really hoping someone can help or clarify how to add a watermark onto my pictures? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions or help offered [emoji120]
  6. ClaireEharris

    Are St Tropez exhibiting @ NEC Beauty Show?

    Hi all, does any1 know if St Tropez will be at the show next weekend? What are people’s opinions of St Tropez, I have to say I’m pretty impressed, I trained with the product recently I’ve trained years ago but wanted a refresher as wanting to add it as a service Thanks in advance [emoji108]
  7. ClaireEharris

    Has anyone has tried the new “Candy Coat”?

    Just wanting to hear people’s thoughts on it as thinking to include alongside my Gelish polish’s? Thanks in advance x
  8. ClaireEharris

    Easiest web design/set up

    Hi Geeks, I’m in the very slow & early stages of setting up on my own. I’ve been dipping my toes in & out of the industry in various forms for the last 10years. I’ve recently invested in more training to concentrate specifically in Lash Lift (Elleebana) and gel nails (PolyGel) for which I’ve...
  9. ClaireEharris

    Best brow tinting & shaping training Hertfordshire

    Hi guys, can any1 advise me on the most thorough, with best results, company to learn to offer Brow shaping & tinting. I’m a nail tech & recently trained to perform Elleebana Lash lift & tint and feel to offer a brow service would be a nice finishing touch? Any advice gratefully received...
  10. ClaireEharris

    Adding a watermark to my pics?

    Hi I’m really struggling to understand how to add a watermark to my pictures? I’m not the most computer savvy [emoji849]but surely there’s an easy way to do this? Any help really would be most gratefully received before I end of pulling my hair out ‍♀️[emoji23]
  11. ClaireEharris

    LA Fast Tan

    Hi there just wondering if any1 can advise me, I recently used LA fast tan, I love their products but hadn’t used this particular product before, luckily I used it on a friend as the result was awful....she turned green! I used my regular routine, had asked her not to shave for 24hrs & she had...