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    Heated cabinet

    Hello! Can anyone recommend a heated cabby which doesn't cost a huge amount please? It's just me, working from home. Thanks in advanced :)
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    Starling business account

    Hello all! A slightly different post for you today...does anyone use the online banking Starling for their business? I have been recommended it but I wondered what you all think? I have looked at the big banks/branches and Lloyds were quite good but you end up paying a fee after 18 months...
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    Summer house salon

    Hi all, I have a summer house in the back garden which I am wanting to clean up and work from home in with my beauty business. I just need to give it a paint and put down new flooring as it already has electric. I will be doing massages and waxing in there. Now the question...I have contacted...
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    Lash lift

    Hello! :) Just a bit of advice really...I did my eyelash perming course a few years back but ended up not doing it very much due to some personal circumstances. I've looked into doing another lash lifting course but is it worth doing and spending £200+ on it just to get my confidence back...
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    Aromatherapy training

    Hi all, I am Beauty therapist qualified and I have my diploma in Swedish massage, I would like to do my Aromatherapy qualification. Can I please have some help with this as I am very confused... I work full time so I have looked at online courses, courses in my local area held by tutors...
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    Opening offers/promotions

    Hello all! I am a self employed masseuse and beauty therapist and I am opening up my own treatment sanctuary in my summer house. Any ideas on promotions for the grand opening/first week for clients? I can't have an open day as the summer house is not big enough for lots of people, plus its...
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    Card machines for a small business

    Thank you for your reply - that sounds fantastic. Can I also please ask about your cancellation policy - do you take a deposit or if a client cancels do you take a percentage of payment? x
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    Card machines for a small business

    Hey all, Just some advice please as I would love to know what you think... For a small self employed therapist setting up at home (summer house) - do you recommend having a card machine? I have a friend who works for herself and has just got one but she owns a salon which is not at home. If...
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    Self employed help!

    Hey all! So I need some advice...I am looking to convert my summer house (which is quiet small) into a massage and beauty room. It is situated in my garden at the bottom and has a back entrance and parking so it's perfect - I didn't like the idea of clients coming through the house. Now, what...
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    ARK skincare, does anyone use this range?

    Hi all, Doe anyone use ARK Skincare? I am setting up as self employed and I like the look of them. They look quite good for retailing too. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance :)
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    Home salon skincare!

    Hey all :) Can anybody recommend a good skincare range that I can use on my clients working from home? I am trained in spiezia, elemis and Eve Taylor but I think they are ask for a big setup fee? Any suggestions? It will just be for me working from my converted summer house. Thanks in advance! :)
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    Building a business & advertising?

    Heya all, So, I currently work full time so 4-5 days a week in a spa which I love, however I am trying to get my own hairdressing/beauty business off the ground also. I want to be completely self employed in the next 3-5 years. I am mobile as I live at home trying to save money at the...
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    Massage couch

    Hey all, I am starting out mobile doing massage - can anyone recommend a couch which is light for me to carry but still sturdy enough for all clients please? Thanks in advance!
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    Conditioning treatments

    Hey all, So, I a a self employed hairdresser and I am looking for some help... I currently offer some conditioning treatments including a scalp massage. However as I am mobile, i do not have the advantage of adding heat to enhance the treatment or the salon atmosphere. Any ideas on how I...
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    Help please

    **Majimeche wouldnt show up on the white roots I mean :/
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    Help please

    Heya all, Basically, I have a client who is interested (I am mobile) and it just so happens it is one of my managers from work! Now, she used to have highlights a few years ago, but has been colouring her hair brown for a while with a home dye. She is now wanting to go back blonde again...
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    Mobile to salon

    Heya all, I just need some advice... I am a mobile hairdresser, but I have just started out really so I don't have very many clients at the moment. I have been offered a great job in a salon which I have a trial for next week. Obviously working in a salon, I would want to bring my few...
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    L'Oreal Majirel vs Wella Koleston?

    Hey all, I am very confused. I currently use L'oreal majirel colours on my clients, however I have heard a lot of hairdressers use wella koleston. Can somebody please run through the difference with me/which one is better? Are they mixed similarly? Thanks x:wink2:
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    L'Oreal help!

    Can anyone recommend where I can buy a l'oreal richesse and hi richesse colour chart with quick delivery? Can't find any on ebay, amazon or my local suppliers :(
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    Self employment help

    On your leaflets/website just write something like "a charge for petrol will be added to your treatment price if outside the local area of ________. A quotation of this can be given on booking the treatment"