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    The dreaded Christmas promotion

    Has anyone started to think of Christmas yet? Last few years I've put some packages together with a discount to encourage for gift vouchers and people tend to spend a set value rather than go for the package. So this time I've been thinking about doing a package for the party season and maybe an...
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    Someone has used a picture of our nails on facebook

    Does anyone know who does the laminated sheets with your logo on for nail extensions? We have had someone use a picture of our nails on Facebook and I've seem somewhere something that goes under the nails I think around a4 size with personal logos on
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    Advice on employment

    Quickly just go though this so you understand abit,,, what it is, I started a home salon 5 years ago then last year I expanded into a small salon, two treatment room two nail rooms. After my first month in the salon I needed to take someone on so spoke to my accountant who was get when I was at...
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    Shellac French

    This was a French shellac, a client has just messaged me to say this is the colour they went after a week, they went very dirty and blue. Any ideas as to why? I used all cnd products and the new led lamp been doing shellac for years and this has never happened before?
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    I'm looking for a contract for a self employed beauty therapist on a 50% split does anyone have one or can advise me where I can find a template etc? Thank you
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    Skincare brands

    I have been a home salon for nearly 5 years, 2 months ago I expanded into a salon which is going really well. In the time of being from home I have used a number of skincare brands, monu, proto-col, skin base microdermabrasion, only your x skin peels, crystal clear and Beauty labs skin peels...
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    Help leasing a commercial property

    Ok please someone help me, I think this all sounds a bit weird but see what you all think? At the beginning of the September a local salon had a to rent sign outside it so I rang that day it went up, a week later I made an offer, it's just the shop to rent not the business itself, the recent...
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    Planning Permission for a log cabin

    Ok hope it's not a silly question but I know a lot of geeks work from a log cabin, just wondered of you needed planning permission for it?
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    What % for self employed?

    Just wondering what I would be looking at if I rented a room from someone who would take a % of what I do? They would be supplying the products etc. thank you
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    Anyone do IPL?

    How has it worked for your salon? Is there much call? Does a course of treatments really stop the growth? Thank you
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    Showing clients what Minx are available

    Ok just done a search and come up with nothing. What I'm looking for is something to put on an email and on my website page of the available minx designs, I didn't know if I was to put the sweet squared website address so clients can choose a design and I can order it in, if that all makes sense,
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    RRP of Nouvatan?

    Anyone know the rrp on nouvatan mousse?
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    Mancine professional waxing

    Anyone use this? A client has just emailed me asking if I've thought about using this brand, she said its taking off locally, not heard of it or anyone using it!
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    Can anyone help with my email

    I had my email and website set up by someone. My email is with webmail 1 &1. The problem is this past week I when I create a new email or reply to one it coming up with "time has expired please close the window" so I close it down and try again but it keeps coming up. Can anyone help I have to...
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    Only Yours skincare

    Does anyone do the peels from only. Yours x, how do you get on with them? What price do you charge? Do you do many treatments? How do your clients feel with the results? Do you do it with microdermabrasion? Thank you
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    Brazilian wax

    I'm going to sound so stupid but it's got to be done. Is a brazilian wax the whole lot of and a strip on the top part or is it two or three fingers all the way round? If that makes sense.
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    Shellac images and copyright

    I have finally been emailed the logo's and images of shellac. I have been sent two images of the one's with the key. I've noticed on other website's that are doing shellac have different images, would they have got them though sweet squared? Would it be something that I would have to ask for...
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    Need some advice from EE geeks.

    I did sp eyelash extension course begining of last month. I have been practising on family. done about 8 set's now, the last set I was really pleased with got about 65-70 lashes in per eye in 2 hours. Only to be told they didn't last long at all. I don't know what to do, I rang the company...
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    set of eyelashes

    Hopefully I have done this right. Did a set of eyelashes, I'm still practising. Got about 58 lashes in both eye's in 2 hours. What do you think? Thank you Kerry x
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    Any tips for eyelash extension courses?

    Ok, I've booked an eyelash extension course for monday. I've received the training manual on Thursday and going though it, it's sounds so much harder than I thought. I've recently had a baby so have baby brain and I'm not taking everything in. Is there any tips or advise that would help and...