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  1. clairehams26


    Hi I'm going to be doing a dermaplaning course in August but wanted to know do you need a licence with the council and do you need a sharps box for disposing of the blades?
  2. clairehams26

    Tanya Whitebits

    Any use Tanya white bits is it any good?
  3. clairehams26

    Massage courses-Wiltshire?

    Looking for a massage course in Wiltshire?
  4. clairehams26


    Is there a portable izettle printer, not an izettle one as they are to pricey.
  5. clairehams26

    Gel over acrylic advice

    Do you advise putting primer between acrylic and gel polish?
  6. clairehams26

    Coloured hair extensions

    Best place for coloured hair extensions?
  7. clairehams26

    Gel before acrylic application?

    I have been told to help with acrylic lifting put a very thin layer of gel on then acrylic is this advisable?
  8. clairehams26

    No shows and late cancellation

    Just need to vent! I have had a no show and 3 cancel at late notice today so now have only one client today I'm bloody fuming!
  9. clairehams26

    LED mask

    Where and which led mask is best to get?
  10. clairehams26

    Piercing and nails

    Can you run a piercing business in a nail salon?
  11. clairehams26

    Who keeps their consultation cards on a computer?

    Is it legal?
  12. clairehams26

    E-file course

    Looking at e-file courses in Wiltshire?
  13. clairehams26

    Bleach/colour remover

    Is it safe to use bleach after using a colour remover?
  14. clairehams26

    Where do you keep record cards

    Hi I am struggling to find something to put all the record cards in I don't have a locked room in the salon and nothing at home? What do you all use/do?
  15. clairehams26

    Digital consulting forms

    Hi is there a system I could use for consultation forms?
  16. clairehams26

    Renting a room

    I am going to have a look at a room to rent tomorrow very excited as it's free for the first 6 months. It's a assisted living building with a cafe open to the public. I can't think of many questions to ask I know there is loads but my mind is blank. [emoji21]
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    Hi all can I do workshops on different treatments without a teaching qualification?
  18. clairehams26

    Tax Returns

    I have done my tax return today and have made £904. I have been doing nails and beauty for almost 4 years now and feel I should be making more than that? I also have a full time job so have to pay tax on my nail business earnings too. My question is do I carry on or give up?
  19. clairehams26

    Micro ring removal

    I do princess parties and hair feathers is one of the services I include I need a little info sheet on how to remove the hair feathers to give to parents, Does anyone have any wording I could use?
  20. clairehams26

    Couch as table

    Hi all, Does anyone use their massage table as a nail table if you do could I have pics please?