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  1. Dolly.Dimple

    Nail glitters

    Diamond glitters have a good selection at good prices. Lecente are lovely but quite pricey but the pots are really big. Ink london have some lovely glitters too.
  2. Dolly.Dimple

    How to prevent gel polish from lifting by cuticle

    I would agree with going over your cuticle work again. It can be easy to leave dead tissue on the nail plate. Make sure your really thorough and really scrub the nails clean with your cleanser.
  3. Dolly.Dimple

    Loyalty cards?

    Or what if i did every 6th treatment 25% off?? Or would £5 off be better?
  4. Dolly.Dimple

    Loyalty cards?

    Those of you who offer loyalty cards, what do you offer? I was thinking of offering the 6th treatment half price. Does this sound ok or too generous?!
  5. Dolly.Dimple

    Smoothness of nails

    Maybe your roughing it too much. What grit are you using. A 180 should be enough.
  6. Dolly.Dimple

    Gel polish brands

    I hope so
  7. Dolly.Dimple

    Gel polish brands

    Yes I couldn't get on with it. I like a self levelling gel so found this difficult to work with.
  8. Dolly.Dimple

    Gel polish brands

    Yes but with their flubber you can only use it to build very short extensions of a couple mm. It's more for fixing broken corners or evening up a broken nail. With BIAB you can build fairly long extensions so wish ink would bring out something similar as I find hard gel quite brittle...
  9. Dolly.Dimple

    Gel polish brands

    I can recommend ink london. There flubber base is really good and they have a good selection of colours. Reasonably priced aswel. They are a British brand which I really like and they have a good customer service. Just wish they would bring out a soak off gel similar to BIAB. I think ink london...
  10. Dolly.Dimple

    Too many layers of top coat with nail art!

    Have you tried filing the top coat prior to soaking to help with removal?
  11. Dolly.Dimple

    What to wear?

    The gel bottle do a branded apron if you use their products
  12. Dolly.Dimple

    What to wear?

    Do you work in a salon or are you home based? I'm going to be home based and want to be quite relaxed so planning on wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with logo printed on.
  13. Dolly.Dimple

    Stamping plates!

    I had this same problem and read somewhere about scuffing the stamper. By this I mean gently going over it with a 180 buffer. This solved it for me
  14. Dolly.Dimple

    Help, nails chipping

    I'd definitely agree it's not properly cured. What are your curing times? Would love an update if anyone hears anything from TGB regarding the extra bulbs. As I'm planning on buying the lamp and gel polishes after being impressed with BIAB.
  15. Dolly.Dimple

    Tips vs forms for short, bitten nails?

    You will struggle with forms as you can't fit the form underneath the nail. You have to cut it to for the exact shape of the nail which is quite tricky. Tips are better for bitten nails but you may need to trim the well down so it doesn't cover the whole nail bed. Either way they'll have to be...
  16. Dolly.Dimple

    Treatment time at 3 hours for enhancements help!

    You'll only get quicker with practice. You could buy a training hand and practice on that to speed things up instead of waiting for clients.
  17. Dolly.Dimple

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Still working on getting my striping tape to stay intact!!
  18. Dolly.Dimple

    Foil striping tape peeling?

    Hi. I've recently been using striping foil in my nail designs but am finding it is peeling from the edges after a few days. Can anyone recommend anything that will make it stay put? I'm using ink london products. Wondering if a layer of flubber over the foil then top coat will help. Anyone...
  19. Dolly.Dimple

    Fashions and trends

    Have you tried looking at scratch magazine?
  20. Dolly.Dimple

    Rubber gel base coat

    Ink london do a rubber base called flubber. I have this on my nails and infill them instead of soaking off as my nails are now quite long. I build an apex with it also