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  1. Scrubadub

    Lash lifts shields

    I use small the most and use medium of their lashes are really really long
  2. Scrubadub

    Bikini wax

    I just ask if they have a preference, if they don’t then I usually use strip wax for a bikini
  3. Scrubadub

    Gellux 90 second option?

    Yeah that’s how I do it :) that’s the most productive time wise with the little lamp
  4. Scrubadub

    Gellux 90 second option?

    I would never use a different lamp to cure other gels as you’re not supposed to, I only got the mini one as that was what we needed when I did the training, I just do all the fingers and do the thumbs together
  5. Scrubadub

    Gellux 90 second option?

    I only use the mini lamp so 30s for all the layers. It is hard to get off but as long as your put your layers on thin then it’s not too bad
  6. Scrubadub

    Painting tiny/odd toe nails

    Hard to say from that pic but that toe looks ok. How do you feel you did? Were you happy with the finish you did considering the circumstances?
  7. Scrubadub

    Painting tiny/odd toe nails

    Did you take any pics?
  8. Scrubadub

    Fast response needed please, lash cleanser

    I use an oil free make up remover
  9. Scrubadub

    Lash lift, is it worth it?

    It’s a popular treatment and you can do a nail/lash lift offer every now and then. I’ve done it from the front before, it turned out fine but was a bit trickier
  10. Scrubadub

    Bikini wax

    I would use the knickers as a guideline thing then, get the client to hold them in place while you do the top bit and it makes it easier to get the line
  11. Scrubadub

    Mobile brow wax

    I have a microwaveable one from ellisons that I use to mobile wax as it goes hard quite quickly so not too much risk of spillage, I carry it round in a take away tub as the edges get sticky
  12. Scrubadub

    Bikini wax

    Get them to pull down their knickers to just below where they want waxed, get the edge straight and kind of use that as a guide line. If you are using strip wax you can also use the edge of the strip as a guide line
  13. Scrubadub

    Glue sticking to bottom lash and clients eyes!

    When isolating make sure you aren’t resting the tweezers on the lid as this can push it down and cause the bottom lashes to catch in the glue
  14. Scrubadub

    Gellux gel polish

    I use a buffer to break the top coat and put the wrap on, it takes about 15-20 mins. I worked in a salon so used to tight timings. The thinner you put it on the better
  15. Scrubadub

    Gellux gel polish

    I use gellux, I love it. It lasts amazing as long as you use the fast bond, I soak it off fine and am used to it
  16. Scrubadub


    I find the more you worry about it the more I make mistakes, take a deep breath and just do the treatment as if you were doing it on a friend and it goes so much better
  17. Scrubadub

    Trainee issues

    That’s interesting, I was never paid extra to come in 15 mins early and this was required
  18. Scrubadub

    Refunds! Hair extensions client

    I’m not a hairdresser but it looks awful after being cut! Maybe she is only messaging you for a refund because the other person hasn’t cut it very well and she needs new extensions now? I wouldn’t refund her unless the hair was faulty Just my thoughts
  19. Scrubadub

    Where do you start?

    No not really, I figure that they don’t really care what I look like and will be concentrating on the tan going on evenly
  20. Scrubadub

    Where do you start?

    I don’t do tanning but when I have had a tan done all the therapists start with me facing them