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  1. J

    Insurance advice

    I use Salon Gold. They’ve always been really helpful to me and they suit me working from home well.
  2. J

    Need a waxing model

    Are you sure you need a model? We waxed each other when I did her course.
  3. J

    Eyelash extensions, returning customers

    Yeah, I have quite a few people in just the once for holidays or events. Lashes are hard to wear when you’re not used to them! If you’re confident in your application and your returning customers have good retention then I doubt it’s because of something you’re doing. Maybe consider offering a...
  4. J

    Dyed blonde highlights with a box hair dye

    My purple dye over blonde faded into neon orange. Was pretty weird!
  5. J

    Eyelash extensions, returning customers

    It’s hard to know without seeing your lash sets or asking your clients why they don’t come back, however, a lot of people just get their lashes done once and either hate the feel of them or can’t keep up the work that goes with them so never bother again. Have you ever just asked any of your...
  6. J

    Fast Track Level 3 Beauty

    Have you checked local colleges for part time and evening courses?
  7. J

    Best wax training & wax products to use (vegan)

    I trained with KL and use Jax Wax from Adam & Eve Distribution. Very happy with both :)
  8. J

    Where do you start?

    I do back first for two reasons: 1- the spray is super cold and it’s much less of a shock going on the back than the front to start with. 2- people are often uncomfortable facing you mostly naked straight away so it eases them into it to step into the tent away from me.
  9. J

    The Beauty Academy courses

    I’ve done my level 2 with them. I was already trained via branded short courses and working for myself and was just after the qualification. I don’t recommend unless you’re just getting a certificate like I was. The classes are very short and not very good standard at all. I was there helping...
  10. J

    Spray tan/prep

    If those are your options, I'd recommend exfoliating in the morning if you can. Just make sure you haven't put on deodorant etc for the day! I wish I could trust my partner to do a good job!!
  11. J

    Spray tan/prep

    I always exfoliate my skin in the shower about 20 mins before I tan myself and it come out fine. However, the only people I ever seem to have a problem with tanning are the ones who have showered before I spray tan them and have shiny smooth skin that the tan just doesn't stick to. I just blot...
  12. J

    Does mobile work for you?

    I do some treatments from home and some mobile. I still make a profit doing mobile treatments. I include all those expenses in my prices and charge extra if they live over 20mins away. Spray tanning is my biggest mobile treatment, then massage. I have a few mobile nail clients but I don’t do...
  13. J

    Students opinions home salons

    This is how I run my actual beauty business and my clients all return so can’t be too bad
  14. J

    Eyelash extensions - gel pads or tape, what works best?

    Remove some of the tape’s stickiness by sticking it to the back of your client’s santitised hand a couple of times first.
  15. J

    Eyelash extensions - gel pads or tape, what works best?

    I first use two bits of tape on each eye to hold the lashes down and then a gel pad on top for comfort when leaning tweezers on it. Pull up the top lid a little when applying the tape to separate the top and bottom lashes. Make sure you’ve got all the bottom lashes in even if you accidentally...
  16. J

    Bikini line expectations?

    Do they actually expect you to wax the pubic mound or are they just pulling their knickers rightout the way for you? You’ve been taught right, any further under the knickers would be an extended bikini or more. You can just say this to someone if they question it or add extended to you...
  17. J

    Insurance for students?

    Yep that sounds about right. It is a lot cheaper than you expect it to be :)
  18. J

    Insurance for students?

    It is confusing your first time!! I’m with salon gold and they do student insurance. The extras are up to you really. I don’t have any extras on my insurance as I work from home with just a few clients. You can always add stuff later if you feel you want them. Link...
  19. J

    How do I make a massage bed more comfy for lash extensions?

    To be honest, most people are uncomfortable lying flat on their back for 2 hours when they aren’t asleep no matter what bed you have. However, you could just add a blanket or two on the bed under a cover and your couch roll to add some padding. Roll a towel into a sausage and place it under...
  20. J

    Spray tan courses

    You should be able to use any tan products you like after your course. You can check with the trainer though. Can’t comment on the product as I’ve never used it though.