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    Nail cracking

    Not the application itself, more like someone has pulled them off and left some of the nail behind. Poor/unprofessional removal is a likely culprit.
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    Which beauty treatment is most popular?

    Our in-house salon at college mostly did eyebrows and acrylic nails. I think it's a northern thing. Everyone wants neat eyebrows and long nails.
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    Gel on 5 year old?

    Like everybody else, I am going with a resounding NO! It genuinely frightens me that people want things like that for their small children. From my experience, children a) never seem to want to sit still long enough, making application a nightmare and next to impossible anyway, and b) exposing...
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    Gel ombré

    I've been using an ombré brush that I got from ebay. It's sort of like a regular hard gel brush, but it's finer at the end and seems to work wonders for me. Have a look on YouTube, I think Kirsty at NaioNails has a video? I'm sure I saw one from her...if not, there are a few others who have...