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    What to do with clients who are difficult?

    I'm a hairdresser and had a lady once who without fail always had something to complain about every time I cut her hair, I use to dread seeing her name in the book. One day before I'd shampooed the moaning started as usual. That day I'd had enough and said I think next time you come you should...
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    Cut throat razor training

    I recently did cut throat shaving it covered 2 days. It's in Nottingham not far from the city centre look up Sid Sottung.
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    Diet support thread

    Hi I'm quite good these days. I allow anything but in moderation. But when I did have a shock at the doctors and they weighted me a few years ago I vowed to lose weight. At my heaviest i was 15st 10lb. I was very strict with myself for a year and lost 6st. I went really low fat and low carb and...
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    Show us your pets

    I have 3 Degus. They are so clever it's unreal. Not got a good photo as they never stay still long enough to get a good one. Ones poorly atm though so feel so sorry for her :(
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    Hiatal hernia and GERD

    Not seen the doctors again yet. The consultant just said what it was and I was given a leaflet to read. If I'm honest though it wasn't very informative lol. I will try stopping the wheat and gluten for a while. Hopefully if it's helped you Deanosnana it may work. Thanks for the advice so far.
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    Hiatal hernia and GERD

    So far like you chicken and vegtables and basic bland low fat low spice foods. I do keep slipping still i had a sausage roll on Sunday and paid the price, but is annoying I love food lol. I've just started trying redbush tea which is caffine free and you can have it without milk so hoping that's...
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    Hiatal hernia and GERD

    Hi all. After 7 weeks of nausea pain and other issues I recently had a camera down to my stomach. I've been diagnosed with a Hiatus hernia and gerd. I have to admit I'm struggling so much with the changes I have to make. Tiny meals, making sure I have my last meal early and what I can eat and...
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    Forget the man bun

    Our junior has grown his hair like this. I've done his hair like this a few times for work and when he's gone out.
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    How long have you been in the industry?

    I started collage in 1990 so 25 years now. For the most part I still love my job, like everyone else I have the odd day where I don't.
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    Hi all

    Hi SG's Read the forums for ages now and have decided to register and say hello to you all. I'm a qualified hairstylist/Barber and have been hairdressing for lots of years (22 from starting to train) and even though I have the odd horrid day I am fortunate enough to love my job still. Look...
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    My fitness pal iPhone app

    I've managed to lose over 5 1/2 stone In 8 months using mfp. I think I would have struggled without it.