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  1. Rhiannon1408

    Facebook page

    Hi geeks, I've just had a text from a prospective client asking for my business page address which I gave to her but now she's told me she can't find it anywhere! I can't see anything wrong with the page and a current client has just liked a photo I've posted. Can you geeks tell me if you can...
  2. Rhiannon1408

    When a client doesn't turn up

    Hi geeks, Just need some advice on wording to a client that didn't turn up. I am a mobile therapist but if I know the person I don't mind doing a treatment from my home. A girl I went to school with messaged me over facebook to book a Shellac in for this morning, I'm sat here waiting and she's...
  3. Rhiannon1408

    When a client becomes ill

    Hi geeks, I was at one of my regular Shellac clients houses this morning when she dropped into conversation that she may have cancer. She's been suffering with stomach pains for well over a year now and she rearranged this weeks appointment as she's in hospital later in the week for tests...
  4. Rhiannon1408

    Ripped nails help

    Hi geeks, need some help as to what to do for the best with my nails. I had some long almond l&p sculpts on and managed to rip some off last night. They are very painful I really don't know what to do :(
  5. Rhiannon1408

    Sports massage

    Hi all, I'm really interested in taking a sports massage course. I am level 3 trained in Swedish and I've found a level 4 sports massage course that I can go straight onto at my local college. Just want to get some advice/opinions from you all. Although I am not a fan of massage when someone...
  6. Rhiannon1408

    Pricing - getting back into l&p

    Hi geeks, getting back into l&p but I've only been using a select few guinea pigs and been charging them a lower rate. I'm pretty confident that they look really good just having slight lifting problems on some nails but it is getting better the more I do. One of my old school friends has asked...
  7. Rhiannon1408

    Brush for 3D art?

    Hi geeks, been experimenting with a bit of 3D nail art recently with l&p but I'm finding my size 8 brush too big. I would like to purchase a smaller brush for the art work so just wondering if a 4 or 6 would be suitable? What do you use? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Rhiannon1408

    Giving a reference

    Hi geeks, I had a voicemail from a lady asking for a reference for one of my old staff members. It's not beauty work, I work for a local club as promotions supervisor a few nights a week and she was one of my street promo girls. Problem is I have nothing positive to say about her, she wasn't the...
  9. Rhiannon1408

    Physically attacked

    Need a bit of a vent. I was out for my best friends birthday in Bournemouth last night with her boyfriend and a couple of his friends. He has a history of hitting her which is no secret. She was arguing with him outside one of the clubs so I went to try and calm the situation down only to be...
  10. Rhiannon1408

    First date

    Ok geeks I'm going on my first date with a lovely guy I met on plenty of fish. We're going for lunch and I really don't know what to! I'm so nervous!
  11. Rhiannon1408

    Repairs - pricing

    Hi geeks, my friend that lives in Scotland has come back down South for an interview tomorrow. She has gel extensions and has broken 2, she wants me to do a repair on these nails for her. I don't do gels so we've agreed on using l&p and topping with Shellac and obviously I've explained it will...
  12. Rhiannon1408

    Tan 'came off'

    Hi geeks, so in 2 years of tanning this is my first complaint. Did a party of 7 last night of varying percentages from 10-16. One of the ladies that's had a 14% has messaged me to say she's not happy as the tan has 'come off'. None of the other 6 have had a problem but I'm thinking its probably...
  13. Rhiannon1408

    Hair colour - change for wedding

    Hi geeks, my brother is getting married in October and we've ordered our beautiful bridesmaid dresses today in a gorgeous teal colour. I currently have bright copper hair which obviously needs to be changed for the wedding as it clashes with the dress. I'm naturally about a base 6 but I've had...
  14. Rhiannon1408

    Uniforms/tunics/custom printed tops

    Hi geeks, Just in the process of re-starting my business after a little break. I need some new tunics or something to wear. So I'm just wondering how many of you wear tunics and how many wear custom printed (with logos, phone number etc) tops. Those that have their business details printed on...
  15. Rhiannon1408

    NSI conversion - nervous!

    So I'm currently sat in the coffee room awaiting my l&p conversion to start and I am sooo nervous! Been 'qualified' for 2 years and also done a CND conversion but for some reason I'm sat here all worried! :(
  16. Rhiannon1408

    New start, new name?

    Hi geeks, back in summer 2011 I started up my own beauty room within a hair salon, but due to difficulties with the landlady I went mobile April last year. Unfortunately business tailed off and I have been working part time jobs since last summer. After recently talking to an advisor at my...
  17. Rhiannon1408

    Clinique job?

    Hi geeks, I'm trying to get through to Estée Lauder careers to apply for a Clinique counter job. Was just wondering if anyone has applied before and what sort of things they ask you in the telephone interview? I spent an hour on hold yesterday so hopefully I actually get to speak to someone...
  18. Rhiannon1408

    Exercising - what do you do?

    Hi geeks! So I weighed myself today after noticing that some of my jeans are getting tighter (couldn't even do the zip up on one pair) and I'm the heaviest I've ever been! Now I'm not fat by any means, but I used to have abs when I did pole dancing lessons and I want them back! I can't afford...
  19. Rhiannon1408

    Curling sticks?

    Hi geeks just popped over from nail geek. I've recently just come home from a holiday, I managed to curl my hair on the handle of a make up brush with Ghd's, my hair always drops out quickly but it stayed in for 2 days! I remember a thread on here about these sticks made for doing this same...
  20. Rhiannon1408

    Curling Sticks?