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    Lifting-deep sidewalls-help

    hi i have a client who is lifting within a week!! she has very deep sides around the cuticle area!! and is lifting immediately.... she is young and not of medication etc.... other clients are not lifting!!! can anyone offer me some techniques please
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    Artisan brand! I need review please!

    Hi Ladies i need your opinion on Artisan brand!!!
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    Has any nail tech ever caught an infection, contagious illness such as scabies before

    Hi ladies im just wondering what's the chances of a nail tech catching illnesses off client via hand to hand contact such as scabies ...........if no gloves were worn
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    Does anyone know what gloves are safe to use when applying acrylic nails?

    Hi ladies do u know what gloves would be suitable to wear whilst doing acrylic nails :-) thanks
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    What's the best electric dust fan collector?

    Hi ladies, I was wondering if u can suggest some high powered extract or dust fan collector..... thanks
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    Glow in dark acrylic - feedback and if anyone knows any good suppliers

    hi ladies, I was wondering whats ur opinion on glow in the dark acrylic and if you know any good suppliers that ship to Australia :)
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    Best nail polish to use under clear UV topcoat....

    hello ladies, whats a good brand nail polish you could use under gel clear polish....
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    CND + Retention - clients lifting still- HELP HELP

    hi ladies, im so puzzled, I have had returning customers come back to me showing me their nails. they had lifting in the corners of cuticle. from looking at their nails it wasnt my technique, it looks like it could be product not sticking with nail plate. I did everything in my prep. I have...
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    reviews on the CND basic powders and CND retention monomer

    hello ladies, i was wondering whats your opinions on CND traditional formula. I have been using the new updated powder and till got alot of people lifting. I havent used the old powder, so was wondering whats your thoughts on this formula :) thankyou
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    CND conversion courses

    hi, do any of you know where I can do a CND conversion course in NSW- Australia
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    Acrylic nails fell off

    Hi I have been doing nails for a year now. I am qualified. 6 months ago I started a nail business working from home. its registered and insured etc... I do approximetly 4-5 nails a day. I recently changed acrylic brands to CND+rentention powder. I follow the instructions. however I had a...
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    New CND + Retention powder- reviews

    hi ladies, I have started using CND+retention powder. i was wondering how some of you going with ur feedback :)
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    Client riddled with fungus

    Hi ladies, I had a customer who had really long nails. 4 of her fingers were covered with fungas. She didn't want a removal just an in fill. I did an in fill, however I noticed its eating down onto her natural naîls. Its appears its doing damaged. She is doing a removal next visit as I told her...
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    CND rentention powder- STILL LIFTING

    hello ladies, I really need your help. I have changed over brands thinking this is a better product, however people are lifting worse then the other product. I am watching CND video's and takings people advice, however they appear to be lifting 7 days later. I also noticed when i drill its...
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    Best PopIts/moulds suppliers

    hello- can u please suggest some places where i can purchased high quality poppits/moulds that deliver to Australia please :) ones that cover the nails better....
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    CND retention- using POPPITS/MOULDS- tips for this method

    hello ladies, i tried using the poppits/moulds using CND retention. the method was quick and easier. I did this on myself. I found that the sides were too narrow and i lifted within a day of application. Can u suggest any tips for this method please????
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    Best uv gel clear polish- natural nails

    hey, i need peoples opinions on best uv gel for natural nails
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    INFECTED FINGER healed, nail plate ripped off, now she wants nails- best method

    Hello, I had a customer who injured her nail in a domestic dispute which cause her to rip her nail off which caused an infected. she is now healed. however her nail has not grown back at all. she loves her nails and want them back on. I am worried about causing further damage if i applied...
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    IBD intense seal uv - CRACKING OFF

    hi, I did an acrylic removal on a person and she wanted me to french tip pink then overlay with IBD intense seal. everything went well untill 24 hours later she informed me that the overlay is cracking off. WHY WOULD THIS HAPPEN.
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    CND rentention powder- LIFTING

    Hi - I have been using CND retention powder for 4 days now. I was using AVOLVE prior. I had one client lift within 12 hours once applied. She did have raised nail beds and has a history of lifting prior to using this when i used AVOLVE. I am puzzled by this as I have not had a person lift so...