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  1. Rachelwhitmars


    Hi Geeks just thought id share these photos with you of nails i did over christmas. There both LCN Gel extentions. Rachel :biggrin:
  2. Rachelwhitmars

    Love this combo!!

    Just done my nails and found a lovely combination CND Dark Ruby and Violet shimmer! Thought id share!!
  3. Rachelwhitmars

    I love Minx

    Thought id share my first ever minx on hands!! Im very proud of myself! X
  4. Rachelwhitmars

    Mobile insurance

    Im thinking of doing more mobile work as people keep asking me but now its drifting away from family and friends of friends are starting to ask. I think i should get insurance now. Can anyone recommend a good company and a rough gide of how much it would be a year? Im NVQ2 and 3 trained also...
  5. Rachelwhitmars

    St Tropez

    Hi girls. I was just wondering if anyone uses St Tropez and if they have had any problems with it? Weve been using it for years and had no problems and recently had more delivered. The packaging had changed but apparently the tan hasnt. We did two tans yesterday and they have both phoned this...
  6. Rachelwhitmars

    Sculpted nails using gel

    I wondered if anyone could give me any tips on sculpture nails using gel? We use LCN and when i sculpt a tip by the time ive corrected the shape and done the smile line the shapes run down the form so i correct that then the smile line runs etc.... Its a vicious circle!! And its so annoying!!!!!
  7. Rachelwhitmars

    Fish pedicures!

    I didnt know what forum to put this on! I just wondered what other proffesionals thought of this! My main concern is hygene! How is the water changed? The tanks cant be sterilized?! X
  8. Rachelwhitmars


    Hey everyone. I had a client on saturday who had Minx on toes. she phoned me saturday afternoon to say one middle toe had lifted. They were lovely when i had finished. They were dehydrated before i applied. Does anyone know what i may have done wrong? Thankyou.