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  1. wedding day

    wedding day

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    wedding day1

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    me on my wedding

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    me and my sister

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    me and hubby

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    me and hubby1

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    me and my girls

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  9. Rachelwhitmars

    No probs! i didnt know i had this message lol im still trying to find my way around!

    No probs! i didnt know i had this message lol im still trying to find my way around!
  10. Rachelwhitmars


    Hi Geeks just thought id share these photos with you of nails i did over christmas. There both LCN Gel extentions. Rachel :biggrin:
  11. Rachelwhitmars

    Are you chat chat chatty??

    Lol i do do that sometimes! Thats why my mum always comes in right at the end of the day! Its nice tho i love talking to all my clients. X
  12. Rachelwhitmars

    Should I put expiry date on my offer vouchers? Help please

    We do vouchers with a 6 month expiary date. Make sure you state clearly on the voucher that they are non refundable and that anything after the date stated is nolonger valid! Then if they moan youve not done anything wrong and its stated!! Xx
  13. Rachelwhitmars

    Love this combo!!

    Just done my nails and found a lovely combination CND Dark Ruby and Violet shimmer! Thought id share!!
  14. Rachelwhitmars

    What nails are you sporting today?

    CND Dark Ruby with Violet Shimmer effect! X
  15. Rachelwhitmars

    What nails are you sporting today?

    How do you do that lovely pattern?! Xx
  16. Rachelwhitmars

    Cancelling due to illness - advice needed

    Your health is so much more important. I had glandular fever for 6 weeks and didnt leave my bed for that amount of time i was booked full everyday but i couldnt even walk! I feel bad and i HATE phoning sick thankfully my boss is brilliant. X
  17. Rachelwhitmars

    Minx & Solar Oil

    I did minx on someone with nail extentions, i wasnt sure it would work or not then i put oil on afterwards and they all peeled off. The person who did our training then told me that i cant use solar oil on minx! So i dont know now im to scaired to put it on incase it ruins my work! :-s
  18. Rachelwhitmars

    I love Minx

    Thankyou everyone. It took me just under a hour that includes the prep as well. I really enjoyed it to i could have sat and done them all day! Xx
  19. Rachelwhitmars

    I love Minx

    Thought id share my first ever minx on hands!! Im very proud of myself! X
  20. Rachelwhitmars

    Waxing - Brazillian? Hollywood? Horror stories?? pros? cons? AGGHHHH!

    I dont do brazillians but i have one myself i class a brazillian as a strip left over on the top and a hollywood is everything off including between the buttocks. Ive never had to go on all fours tho! I do everything in the normal waxing pisition one leg straight one bent. Then to do under and...