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  1. Kittybrows

    Positive Covid test

    Absolutely not paranoid at all. I do this too. Even if no one has touched your items on the shelf, the checkout staff will have touched it and everyone else’s before it 😳 I also visited my local shop late last night and one of the staff was coughing into their fabric mask while stocking shelves...
  2. Kittybrows

    Million Dollar Facial online course?

    Hi ladies, Has anyone here done the Million Dollar Facial course online version? Would you recommend it? I don’t have any experience with facials or dermaplaning/needling but I am a trained microblader. With all these lockdowns I’m considering the online course rather than waiting for a live...
  3. Kittybrows


    Hi Jackie, Sorry to jump in on this thread 🙈 But could you let me know which ABT course you’re referring to please? I’m about to qualify in microblading too so if you could drop a link to it it would be a great help! I looked on their site but couldn’t find it. Thanks! X