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  1. kz2308

    Price increase

    Hey guys/girls so I'm looking for some advice, my main Buisness is extensions. I'm looking to increase me prices as I did change them a while ago and alway charge new clients them but chickened out of changing clients I've been doing since the start my problem is now some of them I'll be looking...
  2. kz2308

    Anyone near Charlestown Manchester that does tapes

    Hey looking for someone near Charlestown that does tapes I have a client recently had tapes fitted with me but with her job she is between Glasgow and Manchester so would like to find someone she could possibly go to for refits if she's not in Glasgow the time she's due for one. Thank you x
  3. kz2308

    Angel Remy to prestige 18/22

    Hey could anyone with both Angel Remy and prestige colour rings tell me what is there closest shade to 18/22 in Angel Remy ? Thanks in advance X
  4. kz2308

    Problematic weave keeping me awake

    Hey so one if my clients had a weave fitted about 5 weeks ago last week she contacted me to say she's having terrible problems with it knotting up, I got her to come see me it was a little bit tuggy but nothing major I gave her away shampoo conditioner and s leave in treatment to see if that...
  5. kz2308

    How to take holidays being self employed?

    Hey I need help I've told all clients that I'm taking this week off posted it on my Facebook page, website. I use my personal phone for work so I'm getting soo many calls emails. I feel like ignoring them is aggravating them and they just keep calling should I send a text just saying in...
  6. kz2308

    Flared copper tubes vs straight copper tubes?

    Hey so I was just wondering if anyone is aware of any benifits to using flared copper tubes. I use angel locks copper tubes which are straight and there smaller than the flared ones. I've done a few removal of other people work who hsve had flared rings and there always a nightmare to come out...
  7. kz2308

    Purple using Wella Colour Touch

    Hey one of my clients is looking for a purple I've previously put on her hair 6.20 in xp and then maria nila colour refresh, but it keeps going so red, so what I would like to do if possible I'd mix my own purple using the special mixes, so it's more blue than red ? Is this viable ? Xx
  8. kz2308

    Storing extra extensions

    Please tell me someone has a genius way of storing all the extensions you don't use, I tend to over order so I've got loads of different colours stick tips, bonds how do you store yours ? Xx
  9. kz2308

    Angel Remy and Transform colour ring

    Does any body have both angel remy and transform colour ring they could compare shades for me as angel remy are out of stock of one of the colours I need for a fitting please it's #16 and #12 x
  10. kz2308

    Help with grey

    Hey so one of my clients is looking at going a bluey grey I've never done any grey before, I've tryed wella 10.0 with a bit of 22.0 on a blonde weft but that was more like slate grey so looking fit people opinions on what I'd best to use. Also do you find it washes out really quickly ? I will...
  11. kz2308

    Amy Childs' colour

    Hi so I have client just now who is currently red level 6 and level 7 in other parts due to dying her hair herself I have bought 6rb goldwe àa seen this on previous thread but bit scared it looks to brown she wanting to achieve this colour ... Also don't normally use goldwell
  12. kz2308

    Mixed blonde weft suppliers

    Hey looking for some advice on weave suppliers that do a lot of blonde mixes any help would be appreciated xx
  13. kz2308

    Bright purple?

    Hi I have a client tomorrow who is getting the undehald of her hair lifted and wants purple underneath a bright purple we only use xp in the salon I use wella at home but I think she might want something quite bright any advise on what to use other than crazy colours ??
  14. kz2308

    Balancing business and life

    Ok so I work in a salon full time tue to sat and have a home salon I do as many nights Sundays as I can fit in when I have clients, also have a little girl who is 7 recently I have been finding as I'm getting busier in my home salon, and trying to keep things updated like Facebook, Instagram and...
  15. kz2308

    22" hair suppliers

    Hi looking for a good quality supplier that stocks 22" in wefts and stick tips ?? I was using fabulong but after a bad experience will not be using them again
  16. kz2308

    Hair Planet hair

    Hey girlies and guys just wondering how hair planets hair has been recently was going to order some just want to make sure it's been oki
  17. kz2308

    Jazzing up price list

    Hey guys I'm looking to jazz up my price list by using alternative name to the norm tint, highlights CBd any1 do this and what's your thoughts like redken use things like root rage, brighter lights ?
  18. kz2308

    Hair sponsor

    Someone has just asked me to be a hair sponser can anyone give me advice to what is involed x
  19. kz2308

    Swartzkof rep

    Does anyone have details of a swartzkof rep in Glasgow or anywhere hopefully they'll be able to provide me with details with one in Glasgow x
  20. kz2308

    Express colour

    Hey was wondering of any of you know of colour groups that do express colours that develop in 15-20mins ???