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  1. Facetoface

    Do you use Refectocil eyelash lift?

    Thank you for your time & info💜
  2. Facetoface

    Do you use Refectocil eyelash lift?

    I am thinking about adding eyelash lift to my services that I offer. I am leaning towards Relectocil. Does anyone have any experienced with this system? If so please let me know what your feelings about this product? Thank you!
  3. Facetoface

    What is the best stool/chair that you use & love?

    I do facials, pedicures & manicure. Just looking for advice on the best seat for my tush that will not fatigue my body. I’ve been seeing these saddle chairs but unsure of the comfort level plus afraid I may fall off one(like riding a Thanks in advance for all suggestions. Pics &...