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  1. kz2308

    High budget/medium extension recommendations

    Hey have a look a viola hair, hairkings which I think is owned by the same people as angel remy and for higher end I would go for remi cachet or prestige x
  2. kz2308

    Copper rings hair extensions

    Did the client have clean hair prior to application? Could also not be enough hair in the rings, or wrong brush being used by client. Amazing work for your first time. X
  3. kz2308

    Costings help

    You could check when you last bought it and see how treatments you’ve done using it to work a average until you need to buy a new one
  4. kz2308

    Hair extensions price list

    Hi do have mine on my website as I can’t be be bothered constantly sending over price lists to people.
  5. kz2308

    Hair extensions price list

  6. kz2308

    Ash colour

    depending on what colour house your using if using wella i would do 7/81
  7. kz2308

    Clients wanting to pay by bank transfer. Is there an easy way?

    If you have a card machine why are they wanting to pay like this surly it's just as easy for them to pay by card and means your not having to chase them up x
  8. kz2308

    Price increase

    Hey guys/girls so I'm looking for some advice, my main Buisness is extensions. I'm looking to increase me prices as I did change them a while ago and alway charge new clients them but chickened out of changing clients I've been doing since the start my problem is now some of them I'll be looking...
  9. kz2308

    Advertising help

    Word swag is good
  10. kz2308

    Angel Remy hair price increase?

    Double check your account as mine the discount had come off I didn't realise until I was checking invoices but there did refund the difference and re apply the discount x
  11. kz2308

    Before and after - hair extensions

    Loved doing this using remi cachet colours 4/8 to create balayage
  12. kz2308

    What is your salon Facebook?

    I've been threw and liked slit of the pages would appreciate it back [emoji177]
  13. kz2308

    Anybody know where I can find hair extension wall chart?

    Im sure beauty works do something like that is it for colour swatches
  14. kz2308

    Angel Remy silver - pictures?

    How has the silver last has it faded at all the one I got looks a lot bluer than yours
  15. kz2308

    White extensions?

    How long would you say routes blondes last ? Xx
  16. kz2308

    Euphoria One Brazilian weft vs Angel Remy super weft

    Sorry just seen this I actually forgot to take a picture it was a more piano mix it was quiet ashy the 8/24 in euphoria
  17. kz2308

    Euphoria One Brazilian weft vs Angel Remy super weft

    I've just ordered it [emoji120] lets hope it's close to angel Remy's I asked them to send me a pic but still waiting and need it for tomorrow.
  18. kz2308

    Euphoria One Brazilian weft vs Angel Remy super weft

    They have one on there website I know it's not on the ring I have
  19. kz2308

    Euphoria One Brazilian weft vs Angel Remy super weft

    Does anyone have a picture of euphoria 8/24 ? X
  20. kz2308

    Euphoria One Brazilian weft vs Angel Remy super weft

    Thank you for your help just my usual supplier is out of stock if the colour i need seems to be the same issue every time I go to order hair x