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  1. aminah

    tips with no wells

    [/color][/b] I have never in my almost 20 years of doing nails seen, heard, read, learned that nail plates vary by geological/geographical location or nationality?? So much to learn . . . apparently?
  2. aminah

    tips with no wells

    I love 'em, well-less AND pre-etched. Can't stand the "other" tips since beginning to use Pre-EtchedTM brand. And love the fact of zero time spent etching. Just glue tip and lay product. Oh, and not to mention no splitting. YES! Can't wait to see the Raptor ones, haven't as of yet.
  3. aminah

    creative v ezflow

    Well you go girl! Well allllright. :p
  4. aminah

    Daisy Cutter/Raptor/Pre-Etched Nail Tips

    Hi Terri: So, it ain't just me. :wink2: . Thanks for responding!
  5. aminah

    Daisy Cutter/Raptor/Pre-Etched Nail Tips

    Hi Vicki: You'll have no trouble picking up the technique. Just keep at it. You know the old adage, "Practice makes perfect!" I'll be keeping that in mind as I re-pick up the skill. Oh the USA today is okay! Ooh, I rhymed. LOL
  6. aminah

    Daisy Cutter/Raptor/Pre-Etched Nail Tips

    Yeah, Jo. I'm feelin' you and as I read your response I was thinking "that's what I should do" also . . . do tips, practice sculpting. Perhaps on self. Hmmm, that sounds like a plan. I'm preparing to get all into this Creative "Mosiacs" is it? The one where you custom blend or something. In...
  7. aminah

    Daisy Cutter/Raptor/Pre-Etched Nail Tips

    When contemplating the sculpt is fastest idea I keep running into the concept of the pre-etched tip. Right now I do a full set with them in 60 min. [Don't think that's too shabby, guests don't complain]. Yet, deep, waaaay deep down, I kno I started in this business doing sculpts. People did...
  8. aminah

    Returning to Creative Acrylic Products

    I am getting my kit from the supply rep that comes to our Salon.
  9. aminah

    A Fair Rate of Pay???

    I have not a clue what these symbols are below, i.e., exactly what they represent, that is: Minimum wage £5.00 £6.00 £7.00 £10.00 Fair wage depends upon the job description/duties, IMHO. "Nailsinlondon1" theory more closely matches my own: Right now I am commissioned 65:35 with plan of...
  10. aminah

    Home Salons -v- Shop Salons

    I thoroughly enjoy "going" to the salon to do my client's nails. I am a semi-private person and do not relish the idea of strangers in my home, where I live, where I play, where I lay my head. Nope, no ma'am. I keep very close to me those I allow in my personal space. And, IMHO, having a...
  11. aminah

    Sub Standard Salons

    I allowed these type of establishments run me out of town in the early 90's (that plus lack of faith, in all honesty). Well no more. I have adopted the attitude as written by Mui. Sometimes I might backslide, but I quickly put myself back on track. It's about taking care of Warm Strokes' clients...
  12. aminah

    Non-Standard Salons

    The scenario above apparently has not reached parts of Ohio and Georgia, USA. E-filing continues, is going strong (heck, thinking of getting one myself), if you yank your hand back in response to the pain, it'll be pulled forward so the service may continue. I have yet to see them sanitize...
  13. aminah

    Returning to Creative Acrylic Products

    Any advice to be had re. application? Yes, I will take courses as soon as they are available to me. Meanwhile, I need to know proper application for my clients. Is there anywhere I may find this information? TIA, Aminah
  14. aminah

    Chooseing a product line..what do you reccomend?

    Lordy, couldn't remember my sign-in to save my life so here I am re-signed up, duh. Update, update, people: I am switching back to CND. I used it in the early 90's and was quite satisfied. Don't know why I felt need to explore, but I guess exploration is not a bad thing. Here's what...