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    Help with purple

    Had a client in with Virgin hair bleached up ends to a pale yellow ,applied purple ion from salon services and it came out silver ?almost acted like a toner ,then tryed on my hair which is highlighted and came out purple ?bamboozled with this and very angry :(client was very young so I'm nit...
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    Best blue for hair

    What is the best blue?normally use crazy colour but does not last ,any tips guys?
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    The best blue?

    Hi client wanting blue,have used crazy colour every time but wondered if there us a better blue on the market that doesn't fade as fast ,heard Goldwell do one?anyone try'd this?.
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    hiya what is the best purple and blues out there just now,tryed crazy colours but wash out too fast
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    Bright red to gold

    HI client got hair bleached then bright red three weeks ago,now wants golden/copper 848 now,it was just the tips i did,should i try and bleach bath it out then apply and ash?
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    B4 colour stripper

    Hi has any hairdressers heard of this home stripper from boots ?i have clients in who have used it and has worked, and the reviews on it are really good!how annoying is this!!No wonder us hairdressers get annoyed!
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    462 to a 6 or 7 ?

    Hi have a client in tommoro has a 462 colour in has done for around six months now wants to be a warm 6 or seven?what would you geeks do?Colour strippers never seem to work,so colour bath it>the apply a 7.1?
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    Pet hates

    What pet hates do you hairdressors have?Mine is people who bring thier kids in or get their fringe cut(because we dont charge)But dont actually get their own hair cut or coloured,As if your only good enough to do the kids!Hate that!!!
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    Static hair

    had few clients in lately sayin they have really static hair all of a sudden?any tips and what causes it?
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    Rusk Colours

    Hi does anyone use Rusk colours?
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    Majicontrast on scalp

    hi has any of you guys used this on scalp?i have always just did as highlights but was goin to use it just to refresh ends of a colour that has faded,and mabe try and avoid the root area?
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    Help, red washed out!

    Had a client in who had coloured her hair dark brown and wanted Rianna Red,I stripped it up to an orange,applied Matrix brightest red,3% on roots then 6% on ends the colour came out fab!but she washed it four days later and most of it has came out?any suggestions what to put on it now?
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    Help, colour keeps fading

    my client had bleached highlights and hair is fine,she wanted a 4.62 dark red,I precoloured then applied the 4.62,had to do it three times on the day and have had to redo it the last two weekends !Its is fading to a pink/light purple on the parts that were highlighted,any suggestions folks?
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    Hi used glatt on a client today can I colour her hair next week
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    Hair is not silver enough

    hi had a client in last week who wanted her hair silver,bleached it up to a light golden blonde then put on 9.1 igora royal came up lovely,but client wants it more silver,should i bleach up agin till pur white then apply toner again?
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    Scalp bleach

    can someone reccomend a good scalp bleach?