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    Qualification criteria with Creative

    Hi - I qualified (quite) a few years ago with a VCTC in Nail Enhancements (L&P) and Manicure but due to having babies and ill health have not been practising for quite a long time and have been doing other various part-time jobs. My youngest is 4 months old and am having to think about going...
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    dyshidrotic eczema - should I work with it???

    Hi guys - have been off the nail scene for a long time for various reasons including ill health and having a baby (now 18 months old!) but am now desperate to get back in the saddle so to speak. Have lost my confidence completely and have been finding it difficult to get myself back out there...
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    Dry cracked fingertips

    Hi guys My hands seem to be in a really bad way at the mo. My fingertips (on the fleshy pad bit) on the thumbs, forefinger and middle finger of both hands is so rough and dry is starting to's almost like cracked heels on my fingers if you can get the picture (yuk!). As I have a new...
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    Argghhhh bent nails!!

    Hi guys Havn't been on the site for ages and ages. Have been pregnant (now not pregnant due to having given birth to scrumptious baby boy Elliott 3 weeks ago!) and have had a torrid time. Went right off anything to do with nails - the smell of polish and the thought of nail files just made me...
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    Eastenders Rant!!

    Watched Eastenders this evening and is it just me or does anyone else get really mad :mad: at the complete lack of professionalism in Kate's nail bar!!!!? 'Himself' keeps laughing at me saying "it's only pretend" but lordy, talk about lack of customer service, airing all their dirty laundry...
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    Anyone tried these CND colours?

    Hi guys About to order some stuff and only need a few more colours to fill my case up! Has anyone tried the following CND colours and if so what do you think of them? Mirage Flashy Seafoam moonlight & roses cheers x
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    Company name/Self Employed

    Hi guys Can anyone confirm if there is any difference (legally and with regards to the Inland Revenue) between giving yourself a business name ie "Nails By Joe" or simply trading under your own name ie "Joe Bloggs". Is the only difference that by having a business name your are making people...
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    My little boy's got really flaky nails

    Hi guys My little boy who's three and half seems to have developed really (and I mean really) flaky nails and several have split right accross half way down (both toenails and fingernails) so the top half of the nail comes off much to his distress. Why is this and what can I do about it?
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    Have you had much support?

    Hi guys Feeling a bit pants at the mo so feeling sorry for myself :sad: . Just wondered how much support you feel you've had from husbands/partners in setting yourself up in business, mobile or even just doing your training? I feel like I've found something that I really love doing for the...
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    childrens parties

    Hi guys When doing childrens' parties do you prep their nails, ie mini manicure, cuticle tidy etc or do you just squeak them and apply polish/nail art? x
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    Which nail art designs?

    Hi guys Just wondered what sort of designs your clients most frequently requested? x
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    Geek Rehab programme?!

    Hi mine name's Sarah and I'm a Geekaholic... there I've actually said it... anyone else agree that there should be NG rehab programme kinda like the nail equivalent of the Priory 'cos I'm so addicted. Admittedly I also often take a large glass of the red stuff up to the study with me (which...
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    Any news on bringing back Pinkies?

    Raking over old threads there was some talk (and certainly loads of demand!) for Creative to bring back the mini sized polishes - is there any news of this? Fingers crossed!!
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    Just wondering how much business you have got through your website and whether you think they're worth doing?
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    Choclate or Dark Brown Polish

    Hi guys I'm looking for a really choclatey dark brown polish in creme can anyone recommend a good colour - preferably a Creative one but not imperative. I've got a frost shade but really want a nice creme one. Cheers
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    Fabric# cracking/snapping

    Hi Guys Havn't been able to get on here for a while as PC screen went pop, anyway have got a new one and have had loads to catch up on! A few weeks ago I did my first full set of Fabric# nails on someone other than me. Admitedly it took me the best part of 3 hours but I was absolutely over...
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    Saving 'Favourite' Threads?

    Hi all I don't know about anyone else but I would find it really helpful to be able to save certain threads somewhere - a bit like saving website URL's under 'Favourites'. I can't see that this this is already available on this site (if it is I would be really grateful to know how!). I often...
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    French Manicure - Discovery!

    I normally dread French Manicures but did one last night and decided to try using a nail art brush instead of the one that comes with the polish. WOW!!! It was a doddle - I used a fine detail brush and with the lovely consistency of CND's cream puff the results were just fab - nice crisp lines...
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    MMA? & E file damage

    Hi all Was asked the other day to do some infills on a friend of a friend. She had had them done elsewhere and admitted she had left them for more than three weeks because she couldn't afford to get them done so they were very grown out but there were no signs of lifting etc. Anyway when I...
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    Pedicure - Broken/Varicose Veins

    I've been asked to do a spa pedi on a client with really bad broken and some varicose veins on her lower legs. The areas around her ankles and just above the arch are very dark red, blue and almost black. Is this safe to do - should I just do a basic pedi (no massage) or just leave well alone?