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    Facial cupping

    Just wanted to know What everyones thoughts and opinions are for facial cupping . Any info on brands. Pricing. Results. Thankyou
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    Tanning in shower area

    So I'm just setting up a business from home . I will be having a separate walk in shower with extractor fan aswell. And considering doing tanning in there. Does anyone else do this ? And how does it work for them? How do your clients feel about it ? Thankyou
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    Advice on skin care brand Beauty Lab London

    Does any therapist or salon owner have any reviews on the skin care brand beauty lab london.. I want to get a perosnal opinion of someone that has used there products.
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    Hydra facials help please!

    Hi what machine did you buy. Really looking into doing this treatment Thankyou
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    Opening a salon, which skincare range do I choose?

    Ive been looking at eve taylor and also beauty lab london. I literally like the both for different reasons. Can anyone give me any advice about e8ther skincare range and which one you would prefer