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    I'm thinking of changing my branding image

    I'm thinking of changing my branding image I have a mobile spa service that's about six months old. I've notice that 90% of my customers are professional women in their mid to late thirties. At the moment my logo design is bright pink so I thought something a bit calmer might appeal more to the...
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    I have an interview with Emirates

    Hey ladies I just got an e-mail I've been waiting for from Emirates Airline inviting me for an interview. I'm so excited, has anyone travelled on this airline? If you have please let me know what the airhostesses are like. Thanks xx:)
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    Does anybody know what 'The Pearl' is?

    A new client called me this morning to ask me if I do the 'The Pearl' and when I asked what that is because I might know it by a different name she said it wasn't acrylic, gel or silk/fibre? And that everybody know it as the pearl? :confused:
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    I was wondering if other mobile nail ladies have uniforms, since I just started my mobile service and I'm by myself for now I thought it might look silly? If you don't have a uniform what should you wear? I do nails after work and on the week-ends so I usually just go to my appointments...
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    A set of Acrylic French Tips in 45 minutes

    I was wondering how many sets of nails do you have to do before you can get your time down to 45 minutes. To put on a full set of French Acrylics takes me 2 and a half hours :irked:. The lady that used to do my nails before I decided to get my certificate used to take appoximately 45 minutes...
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    Mobile nail service - Should I buy a table and a set of chairs

    I've just opened my own mobile nail service and I'm not sure if I should buy a portable manicure table a pair of chairs. I've had a few clients and we've sat at their dining room tables I think it might be a little bit more comfortable sitting at a manicure table though. I was wondering...