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  1. Krr607

    CND LED lamp

    Hi, I am not working as a nail pro currently but still doing my own nails. My old , antique, original cnd shellac lamp still works fine but I would love to buy the latest CND LED lamp. However, it's a huge extravagance just for my own nails. Any feedback on it? Will it cure even my really old...
  2. Krr607

    New CND LED lamp, any good?

    Hi, my trusty CND UV lamp is on it's last legs. I am tempted to buy the new CND lamp but can't find any unbiased reviews. Anyone using it? Is it worth the money? Will it cure even my oldest shellac ?
  3. Krr607

    Wow what a course! - Shellac

    just came back from my shellac brings em back course in Wembley, it was absolutely fantastic! enjoyed every minute of it, the CND educator Anna Lee was amazing, anyone thinking about it...just do it! it was worth every penny and more, a really small group of students and a very comfortable...
  4. Krr607

    Wow what a course! - Shellac

  5. Krr607

    Last minute Christmas pressie; you need this!!

    How did I manage without one? where can i get it? fleabay from china??;)
  6. Krr607

    Advice re: manicure..what's allowed

    hi Geeks, so, I am only trained in manicure at the moment, I am covered on my insurance for gel polish and have been using it on about 5 friends/clients for about 6 months. Booked to do my shellac course in Jan and planning more short courses next year. I work full time in another profession...
  7. Krr607

    Botox training

    Hello, Newbie here so please be kind! I am a qualified nurse currently working in pharmaceutical sales, I do gel polish manicure in my spare time and am interested in getting more involved in beauty treatments on a part time basis. I would like to know more about Botox training, can anyone...