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    Best gloves for facial/massage?

    Due to an allergic skin condition on my hands I am going to have to start wearing gloves for everything including facials and massage. I really don't want to but it seems I have no choice. Please could anyone advise me on which are the tightest, thinnest, smoothest gloves available? I'm...
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    Moor Mud, can anyone help me find it?

    Many years ago I trained in the use and therapeutic benefits of moor mud therapy, the pure stuff. not products which contain bits of it. It used to come in huge green bottles and was put directly into the bath. Its benefits for insomnia and stress were unbeatable, really amazing! I did a search...
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    Thanks to the Geek who lost me pounds!

    Lost me pounds in a good way that is! I did do a search for the thread I found originally but couldnt track it down! I have. like most, tried every diet under the sun but somebody recommended a very low calorie one (like Cambridge etc) called Slim and Save. The difference with this is that they...
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    Qualified trainer needed, any location!

    I have a holistic and beauty training business which is currently based in Kent but the "business model" could be used anywhere. I am struggling to continue due to joint problems and do not want the business to slow down. If anybody is interested in taking the business on from here please...
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    Any lecturers/trainers in the Kent/East Sussex area?

    Hi everyone, If you are an independant trainer/lecturer in Kent or East Sussex I have had a bit of an idea about how we can help each other out a bit so please PM me, thanks
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    Old hair?

    Bit of a question for hair experts about grey hair. I am a skin specialist so fairly clued up on the "ageing process" but not really with hair. What is it that causes a hair to suddenly become grey? Its not a gradual process obviously so what causes a follicle to suddenly lose pigment and go...
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    Old hair??

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    Advice from other independant trainers please

    Hi Everyone, I am an independant trainer offering a large amount of courses which are accredited by The Guild. For various reasons I would like to continue with just a couple of these courses (mainly nails) so dont really want to renew my full accreditation. Does anybody know any companies...
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    Has anybody heard of this? Think I'm getting old!

    A client asked me this morning if I do a treatment where a crystal is inserted just under the skin for decoration. She said she had just been to see her hairdresser who had it done on the inside of her wrist at a beauty salon. To be honest this actually made me feel a bit queasy!! I have never...
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    Non surgical facelift experts please look!

    Hello ladies and gentleman. I am very experienced with non surgical facelifting and have done very many courses and maintenance treatments over the years but am now faced with something new. I have a lovely client who is 92 and very fit and well etc and still cares very much about the way she...
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    Crystal pedicure tutorial

    Does anybody know of any good online tutorials on application of swarovski etc crystal pedicures? Thanks!
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    Can I recreate this style??

    Hi hair geeks, just popped over from skin to ask a question! I saw Adele's hair at the Brit's and would love to try to do on my own. I tried heated rollers and a lot of spray but looked nothing like it!! Is it possible to do on yourself do you think and if so please could someone tell me how...
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    Spa in North Yorkshire

    Just wondering if any geeks can help. My friend's daughter has just qualified as a therapist and is desperate to work in a spa. Although I'm from Yorkshire I haven't lived there for a long time so unable to recommend any good employers around there. She obviously knows of places there are but...
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    Scam or should I take seriously? Help!

    I am very naive when it comes to all things to do with computer scams etc and know that there are some very clever geeks out there who I hope may be able to help me. Looked in my hotmail account today (which I hardly ever use) and there is a reciept from the apple store US for 699 dollars sent...
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    Massage/holistic geeks, have you heard of this?

    A couple of clients have asked about a treatment recently to get my opinion on how efficient it is, and I've never heard of it! Its called Atlas proflex, or something like that, and is supposed to be a gentle manipulation type massage technique to relieve aches and pains very quickly. Has anyone...
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    Tanning machine strengths

    Before anybody gets cross with me I have done lots of searches on this as I know this has been discussed on here lots and lots but not found the answer to my specific question. I want to get an LA tan starter kit and want to know why the grading of machine types is at it is. All I can gather is...
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    Treatment studio to let 2-3 days each week

    Fabulous treatment studio set in beautiful park land available on Fridays and Saturdays. Parking, coffee bar and restaurant on site along with laundry facilities etc. Please message me for more details if interested.
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    Treatment studio to let hourly/daily

    I'm looking for holistic/beauty/nail therapists to share a treatment studio on an hourly/daily basis. It is in a fabulous location and would suit any type of therapist.
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    Advice with massage complaint

    Would appreciate some input from salon owners who may have experienced something similar. A friend of mine has a popular town centre salon and rarely has any problems. Yesterday a man who had a massage a few days previously called to say that as a result of his trt he had had four days off work...
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    London Institute of Beauty Culture

    I trained at the London Institute of Beauty Culture hundreds of years ago (1987) and in all my years as a beauty therapist have never met anyone else who did or has heard of it! It was on Tottenham Court Road in London and run by the Morris's. I did CIBTAC and CIDESCO and it was really hard work...