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    Best gloves for facial/massage?

    Thanks very much everyone. I am lucky in that I have a lovely group of regular clients who are all aware of the glove situation! Looks like the nitrile ones are the best for this so I'll get some small ones (usually medium) and see how I get on. Thanks again for taking the time to help x
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    Best gloves for facial/massage?

    Thanks ladies, It's a long term condition that is always there but flares up from time to time and is particularly bad right now. It's essential oils as well as almost everything when they are bad, even the gentlest of products etc cause it. I have discussed it with my clients who are happy...
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    Best gloves for facial/massage?

    Due to an allergic skin condition on my hands I am going to have to start wearing gloves for everything including facials and massage. I really don't want to but it seems I have no choice. Please could anyone advise me on which are the tightest, thinnest, smoothest gloves available? I'm...
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    Moor Mud, can anyone help me find it?

    Thanks Nishi, I tried them but only do the facial products, not the actual mud for the bath x
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    Moor Mud, can anyone help me find it?

    Many years ago I trained in the use and therapeutic benefits of moor mud therapy, the pure stuff. not products which contain bits of it. It used to come in huge green bottles and was put directly into the bath. Its benefits for insomnia and stress were unbeatable, really amazing! I did a search...
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    Changing from being a beauty therapist to massage therapist

    As previous lady said, just learn as many derivations of massage you can. Hot stone, bamboo, shell, deep tissue, MLD, sports etc. All these can be done separately and added as you go along. My advice, as a massage therapist of 25+ years is to be kind to your hands/wrists with as much hot stone...
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    Salon System Lash Lift - little bottles/sachets?

    I found the bottles a bit "hit and miss" as soon as they are opened they begin to oxygenate and lose efficiency. Sachets all the way for me, I can be confident of a beautiful curl/lift which I never was with bottles. Well worth extra cost!
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    Qualified trainer needed, any location!

    Apologies for late reply, please PM me with you email adrs if you would like details, thanks
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    Thanks to the Geek who lost me pounds!

    Lost me pounds in a good way that is! I did do a search for the thread I found originally but couldnt track it down! I have. like most, tried every diet under the sun but somebody recommended a very low calorie one (like Cambridge etc) called Slim and Save. The difference with this is that they...
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    Qualified trainer needed, any location!

    I have a holistic and beauty training business which is currently based in Kent but the "business model" could be used anywhere. I am struggling to continue due to joint problems and do not want the business to slow down. If anybody is interested in taking the business on from here please...
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    Armpit boil?

    If I lived nearer I would LOVE to do it for you! Sad/sick but true!!
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    Armpit boil?

    Just to add to previous advice, if it is an ingrown hair, which due to location it probably is, when you have drawn things out try to gently tweeze out the offender to prevent reinfection!
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    New therapist wants to bring in new beauty range that only she knows how to use

    Do you do facials yourself and worry that this may take business away from you? If this is not the case I think anything that increases her business and ensures she will still be able to pay her rent and probably bring in new clients must be a good thing? Re retail I would suggest that if you...
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    Any lecturers/trainers in the Kent/East Sussex area?

    Hi everyone, If you are an independant trainer/lecturer in Kent or East Sussex I have had a bit of an idea about how we can help each other out a bit so please PM me, thanks
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    If any of my clients suffer with ingrown hairs I give them a specific exfoliant to use themselves at home, and in some cases a moisturiser too, with instructions how to use them. I can't help but think that offering this kind of treatment in the vagina area is, in many ways, just asking for...
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    Feeling so rubbish!

    Its horrible feeling so rubbish isn't it, poor love. The thing with glandular fever too is that it completely wipes you out so you have to be kind to yourself and completely give up for a while. You dont have any choice but to rest up for a few weeks so try to do the indulgent stuff like...
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    Would microdermabrasion facials help me?

    The best thing to do is have a consultation Louise and they can make recommendations to you based on having looked at your skin. They will probably recommend having a course of treatments quite close together followed by monthly (ish) maintenance. Let me know how you get on x
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    Would microdermabrasion facials help me?

    Yes Louise. Done regularly it should certainly lessen the appearance of any scarring you have. Like any scarring the newer it is the better it will respond. As long as your skin isnt too "delicate" or highly coloured then go for it! Good luck with the results, I think you will really like the...
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    NVQ, please do something about short courses!

    Very well said Miss Confused! Ultimately people will have nails/waxing/hair etc done by the person they are happiest with whether for price, quality, personality, convenience or a combination. Not that many choose therapists because of their training course. If any of us are struggling, look at...
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    Client's child smashed mirror

    I was going to say that perhaps you should just accept what she offers if she is a good client as you don't want to fall out with her but if you don't mind losing her then go for it, every penny!! Hope it works out