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    Selling products whilst on furlough?

    I'm a director of my company and currently, I'm being furloughed due to the lockdown. Iv read that I cant make money for my company whilst on furlough is this correct? Some of my clients are wanting to buy skincare products from me I'm a bit reluctant to do this as is this legal? am I allowed to...
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    Expiry dates on qualification certificates?

    The certificate is for a waxing qualification, A Habia & ABT accredited course. I'm really confused as to why a qualification would expire. Thanks
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    Expiry dates on qualification certificates?

    Iv noticed on my certificates that there's an expiry date from 2019-2022.. does anyone know if this means my qualification is invalid and wouldn't be acknowledged as a qualification when the date comes around. If anyone has any knowledge on this please can you let me know. Kindest :)
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    Behind closed door appointments, how to deal with the requests!

    Hello all, Recently I have been getting a lot of clients asking me if I could recommend anyone whos doing "Behind closed door/secret appointments" :eek: When I receive these messages it fills my body with stress and makes me so anxious that clients may think I'm being "lazy" or not respecting...