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    Please help, customer won’t leave me alone!

    Shazza she’s defs taunting you by posting then deleting moments later. Very immature. If the police take action against her, they can trace every key stroke from her PC or phone regardless of what she deletes (electronic forensics), so she’s a total fool thinking she’s removed evidence. Glad you...
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    Please help, customer won’t leave me alone!

    She may be jealous. Inform the police. It may be classed as a hate related incident especially if she turns up uninvited to your home/place of work. Keep an accurate record of every single word she says with dates, times, locations and circumstances and any witnesses. Wear your phone around your...
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    Gel polish recommendations, any advice appreciated

    Bluesky are a very reliable, high quality brand. I’ve been using them for years. Be sure to buy a lamp that has a dual function i.e. cures both LED and UV, then you don’t have to keep checking every single product to make sure your lamp is able to cure it. Thin layers with Bluesky, though some...