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    Nubar Nail art pen

    Hello Maddie..... Sorry about that....i was aware that we only sold them in the shops at the moment. hopefully they will be available through our mail order service soon. Again many apologies All the best David
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    Nubar Nail art pen

    Hello The One Stop Nail Shop in Leeds and also in Manchester stock these pens....they are £3.50 (ex VAT) and contain a striper brush and a pen. We have the full range in leeds in stock at the moment. hope this has helped All the best David Assistant Manager One Stop Nail Shop...
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    Opening Day!

    Hi Victoria I am really pleased for you....its been a long time coming and a lot of hard work. I know things will go well for you as you have lots of personality,passion and commitment. I really wish you the best of luck with your salon. Take care David Assistant Manager One...
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    creative polishes

    hi Jen all our enamels are £2.95 each excluding VAT.....however, we have a deal on where if you buy eighteen colours two of each colour (36 in total) you recieve a free creative enamel rack which is worth £38! the popular colours at the minute are as follows Make a wish...
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    Holographic powders

    Hi Paula The nails Mrs geek was showing you are the new metro powders kit... these are now on sale at One Stop Nail Shops nationwide. they have been hugely popular. we now have plenty of stock in the Leeds shop......they are £39 for six powders and include a 4oz Retention (worth £24.95)...
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    Creative Nail Enamels

    Hi Holly sorry it's taken so long to reply...the shop got a little busy! as far as i know the dry and shine is staying for now....but it is not really for me to say. when i find out i will let you know.......... Thanks David
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    Creative Nail Enamels

    Hi there! The Lulu collection is still available and it is £35.40, it contains 6 lovely light whites and creams including bestsellers....Cold shoulder, Romantique, Mystere and many more! it also contains 6 lovely shades of pink including.....moonlight and Roses, Sheer contentment and...
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    one stop nail shop

    hi Linda the one stop nail shop and mail order are different ways of purchasing. The one stop nail shops are stores based around the U.K.... the numbers for the shops are as follows: Leeds-01132 163016 Essex-02087 877036 Glasgow-0141 7799206 London-02073 852488 Manchester-0161...
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    Linda's daft question time!

    we have shops in Leeds, Milton keynes, Manchester, London, Salisbury, Essex and Glasgow....i am based at Leeds if you need any more info directions or help give me a call on 01132 755719 ext 3016. to place a mail order or any general enquires the number is 0800 3160213.... take care david
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    Linda's daft question time!

    Hi Linda the manicure kits are priced at £49.50...and the Pedicure sets are £95.00 both can be purchased through our one stop nail shops or our mail order service! as you know these both come with free training so a worthwhile investment!! hope this has helped! David
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    hello there just thought i would help you out with some details of the shops..... i am the ass. manager from the leeds store which is based on the outer ring road. if you need any more details, directions or help give me a call on 01132 755719 and ask for ext. 3016 hope you find this...